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How to exercise is the most scientific introduction to fitness

How to exercise is the most scientific introduction to fitness

Fitness should choose the best exercise for the best brain exercise: In general, exercise is completely brain-building, while exercise can improve heart function, speed up blood circulation and make the brain get more oxygen and nutrients.

All aerobic exercise has a brain-building effect, especially in bouncing, which can supply the brain with sufficient energy.

Optimal anti-aging movement: There are many reasons for human aging, but long-term studies have shown that the accumulation of harmful substances called oxygen free radicals plays an important role in the body.

Anti-aging fitness methods are the first to run, and the test proves that as long as you persist in fitness exercise, you can mobilize the enthusiasm of antioxidant enzymes in the body, thus receiving anti-aging effects.

Optimal weight loss exercise: Generally speaking, all aerobic exercise has the effect of losing weight, but the best effect is to use both hands and feet, such as swimming.

Optimal bodybuilding: Excessive young men and women pursue bodybuilding. As long as they continue to perform aerobics and gymnastics, and strengthen balance and coordination, they will receive obvious results.

Fitness should be pre-physiological regular exercise, we must first do some warm-up exercise that is more moderate and change the amount of exercise, so that the body has a preparation before entering the exercise, can carry out fast-moving, jogging, active joints and other contraction movements, which can increase joint tissueSoftness and muscle coordination.

When doing aerobic training, you can start to set low intensity, low speed, standby heart rate, blood circulation, energy metabolism and body temperature rise, then gradually increase the intensity and speed, thus contributing to the efficiency of muscle activity.And the lubrication of the joints can prevent sports injuries.

During the start of exercise, the amount of exercise should be arranged according to your own situation. The aerobic exercise is about 20 minutes or continuous, the intensity is above or below moderate, and the heart rate is about 130-170. The muscle training should choose the appropriate weight, muscle.Training and aerobic training should be carried out.

After the initial exercise, the amount of exercise should be gradually reduced, so that the body can slowly return to normal state, and some activities such as contraction can relax the muscles.