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[How to save ginger in summer]_Ginger_Summer_How to save

[How to save ginger in summer]_Ginger_Summer_How to save

Ginger is actually a very common plant in our lives. We often use ginger in diet and cooking.

Ginger can be stored in the refrigerator in the summer, or it can be buried in the sand.

However, the average family does not buy too much ginger, because it is not used in large quantities when cooking. If you buy more, it is best to store it in the refrigerator in the summer.

Summer ingredients: Tender ginger season: 5?
October (mainly in spring and early summer) Origin: Nantou, Yilan is mainly planted with ginger until 4 months, and it is harvested when it grows into “formed ginger”, so-called “tender ginger”, which is characterized by a thin stem bark, The skin is white and clean, with pink scale leaves on the tip of the petiole, also known as cabbage.

How to preserve the tender ginger 1.

Refrigerated storage: After buying home, put it directly in a fresh-keeping box or a chain-type fresh-keeping bag and keep it in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks.


Cryopreservation: Ginger ginger is washed beforehand and then sliced or shredded. It is packed in a gridded fresh-keeping box and stored in the refrigerator for freezing.
2 months.

It can be used directly without waiting for the ice when cooking. It is convenient and efficient, and it can absorb the deliciousness of tender ginger during non-production season!

However, the disadvantage is that the aroma of frozen tender ginger will be reduced, which is not as delicious as fresh cut.


3. Save with sand, this method only needs to re-fresh ginger into the sand pile, and the depth is 2-4 cm in the sand is appropriate; 4.

4. A dry, ventilated and cool place is a good place to store fresh ginger, plus some hay, which can be replaced to increase the storage time, and at the same time, do not let ginger touch food related to wine; 5.

Plant ash is also a good magic weapon to preserve fresh ginger, just cover it with fresh ginger; 6.

7. It can also be kept fresh for 10 days without rotten, just replace it with fresh ginger, wash it, dry it, sprinkle it with salt, and put it in a small plastic bag without sealing; 7.

Soil is also a good way to preserve, that is, the most traditional basement or cellar, it is better to use jars; 8.

Salt water soaking is also a good method of preservation. Soak the ginger in salt water, take it out for one hour, dry it, and put it in the refrigerator. The freshness time is not bad for a long time.

There are two main points in choosing fresh tender ginger.

Full body, no damage to the epidermis, rot.


If you see tender ginger with scale leaves in bulk, choose pink leaves to make it tender.


Because the skin of the tender ginger is thin, it is full of fiber, and the meat is tender and juicy, and the taste is crisp. You can directly cook the skin after brushing it; you can also shred the skin together for hot stir-fry, soup and coldAll delicious.

If you are worried about the spicy and spicy taste when you eat it raw, you can wash and peel the tender ginger, soak it in ice water for 3 hours, and taste sweeter.

The thin ginger skin can be eaten directly after washing!


The growth of ginger starts from the middle, so the middle section of the whole ginger will taste older and spicy, and the ginger on the side will grow later and have a softer taste.

It is recommended that pickled meat can be used in the middle section to prepare dipping sauce; the ginger on the side can be cut into pieces, sliced, and put in pickled side dishes to eat, no problem!

In addition, it is also suitable for grinding into ginger puree and seasoning with garlic puree.

Cut into small pieces and add the seasoning is a great sauce!


Fresh tender ginger can only be eaten in the summer. Don’t be afraid to buy more home pickled ginger slices now. If you miss it, you have to wait for next year!

Pickling tender ginger at home is easy 1.

First, wash and cut the tender ginger into thin slices, knead with salt and knead, and marinate for about 10?
20 minutes.

Followed by 400c.

Of cold boiling water with two spoons of white sugar and white vinegar, stir well to make a sweet and sour juice.

Wash and drain the pickled ginger slices with cold water, then place the ginger slices in a sealable glass jar.

Pour in the sweet and sour juice that contains too much ginger, and cover it tightly. Put the glass jar in the refrigerator and refrigerate for about three days before eating. Keep refrigerated for about two weeks.