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[Can the ribs smell stinky?]_ Deterioration_Can you eat?

[Can the ribs smell bad?

】 _Deterioration_Can you eat

Pork ribs are a very popular ingredient in life. Its nutritional value and taste are very good. However, due to the abundance of materials in modern life, the food materials stored in people’s homes ca n’t be eaten in a short time.Part of the ingredients will deteriorate, and the ribs will emit some odor, which will affect the food quality. Let ‘s take a look at the ribs to smell.

I hope you can understand it.

Pork ribs are stinky. It is best to lose them.

Because if you eat it, it may cause gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea, vomiting, and even gastroenteritis.

First, how to save ribs 1, refrigerated can only be stored for two or three days in the summer.

If it is longer, it is better to freeze it!

Especially for fresh meat, it should be left in the freezer for 24 hours after it is bought back.

Can drain acid.

2. Take a pot of water, drip a few drops of vinegar, then put it in a clean cloth and become completely saturated. After taking out, wrap the ribs in the storage, and you can store the storage time.

3. Boil the proper proportion of salt water or soy sauce water, soak the spare ribs in it for storage and keep fresh.

Second, how to clean the ribs after they are bought. 1. Wash the ribs with hot water before cooking.

Pork contains a substance of plasmin, which is easily soluble in water for more than 15 months. If it is soaked in hot water, it will lose a lot of nutrients and its taste is not good.

2. The spare ribs bought back are best made on the same day, this is the freshest.

Children’s shoes that do not have time to buy food on weekdays can also add pork ribs (do not wash) into the fresh-keeping bag, and then put them in the freezer. On the day of use, take them to the refrigerator.

3. The correct way to thaw pork ribs is to insert it into a bag and place it under a thin stream of water to slowly thaw it. Do not throw it directly into the water and soak it, otherwise the meat will lose its elasticity when it comes into contact with water.

Precautions before making ribs: 1. Before cooking the ribs, put the ribs in the boiling water and simmer for a while to remove the blood foam and impurities, which has a deodorizing effect.

2, boil pork rib soup under cold water pot, so as to boil out the taste and nutrition.

If you boil the soup in hot water, the ribs will gradually shrink and the nutrients will be saturated. As a result, you will not be able to fully absorb the nutrients and the taste will not come out.

3. If you need to add water halfway through the ribs, you must heat the water.

Because the ribs contain a large amount of protein and traces, the sudden addition of cold water during cooking will cause the temperature of the soup to drop sharply, and the protein and traces contained will rapidly solidify, making it difficult to boil and affecting its delicious taste.