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Four rules of relief from mental fatigue

Four rules of relief from mental fatigue

To overcome the exhaustion syndrome, suggestions such as shutting down the computer for 5 minutes do not work at all.

You need to find a suitable way to free yourself.

  The first rule of liberation: give the body time to rest.

Schedlowski suggests that you need to eat some health foods, set yourself up for a fitness plan and stick to it, guaranteeing to sleep 7-8 hours a day.

  Rule 2 of liberation: divide work and life.

Work and life also have a golden ratio.

When you work, you can set aside 70% of the time for work, and 30% of the time to help with flowers and herbs and cook meals for your family.

When you are not too busy at work, it is best to leave 40-50% of your life.

If you can do this, your work and life are roughly balanced.

  Rule No. 3: Spend more time with the outside world.

Director Qu of the Department of Psychology of the hospital said that no matter how busy work is, you also need to make time to contact the outside world, even if you are chatting with family and friends.

  Rule No. 4: Less Delay, More Adaptation.

Rejection in the workplace is always endless. These people with long faces are used to blame the unsatisfactory environment, and delusional environment to adapt to themselves.

If you’re a young man who can’t quit his job, it’s time to wake up: “Adapt to the environment and change yourself” is the only magic weapon.

For middle-aged friends, they strive to “do good without harm, do not fight”, “less selfishness, contentment”.