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Clearing heat and detoxifying life dishes for 10 years

Clearing heat and detoxifying life dishes for 10 years

Some foods cannot be eaten, but many people cannot resist the temptation to make good food.

At this time, those life-saving foods come in handy.

There are some amazing life-saving dishes that can make you live at least 10 more years. It ‘s amazing.

Want to know about detoxification and detoxification?

Let’s take a look together.

  Sauerkraut bean curd, sauerkraut fish, laotan sauerkraut noodles, sausage rice . Which one has never let you down.

But gradually, we were stopped by those “hateful” reports. These all contain carcinogens and cannot be eaten!

  Who said that it can be eaten, since ancient times there have been detoxification, since these foods are so poisonous, it is not enough to add detoxification food?

  Bacon Sausage Antidote-Every year, every family will make their own sausages and bacon, which can become a good dish for hospitality and has a long storage time.

Sausages and bacon are wild foods that can be fried alone, steamed and served with other vegetables.

After the production process, fresh meat is marinated, smoked, air-dried, and roasted to obtain a unique and strong aroma and taste. In this process, carcinogens such as benzopyrene, toluidine, and nitrosamine are often produced.

So it is generally not recommended to eat more.

  However, it is still very difficult to completely control the taste of bacon. Therefore, the director of the nutrition department said, “When eating bacon, you can use cabbage, garlic, amaranth, and the darker the color of the garnish, the better.

“This is because the fiber in vegetables can promote bowel movements and also excrete toxic substances in the body.

  In addition, green vegetables contain vitamin C, which will form a hyaluronic acid inhibitor in the body, which has an anti-cancer effect and can eliminate the loss of vitality.

Take a two-pronged approach to achieve anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

  Instant noodles antidote-Tomatoes For office workers, instant noodles must be their best late-night product.

The reason why instant noodles are so “disgusted”.

  Because it belongs to a category of high-salt, high-fat, low-nutrition foods, and the fried cakes have a fat content of 16%?
20% is the nemesis of people’s weight loss.

  However, the harm of instant noodles is not irreversible. After eating tomatoes or apples, they have antioxidant effects and scavenge free radicals, which can appropriately reduce its harm.

  The above are definitely the food that people love and hate. Although some methods of detoxification are given, they cannot be completely eliminated after all. For physical health, it is better to eat less!

  Sauerkraut antidote-kiwi pickled sauerkraut, which can release the fragrance of esters and sour taste under the action of chemical reaction, can promote people’s appetite, so it is welcomed by people.

However, after pickling normal vegetables, it will produce rich oxalic acid and calcium, and it is easy to form stones in the urinary system. As such, the nitrite in pickled vegetables is also a major substance that harms health.

  Therefore, if you want to eat sauerkraut healthy, you can add a few kiwis after the “mouth addiction”. The vitamins in it can prevent the anabolic metabolism of nitrosamine and reduce its harm.

In addition, pay attention to the time when pickling sauerkraut. The pickled products have the highest nitrite content of 4-8 nitrates, which begin to decline after 9 days and disappear after 20 days. This is the safest time to eat.

  Fritters Antidote-Soymilk Fritters is a high-conversion food that has been heated at high temperatures. Many people like to eat Fritters for breakfast.

It is fragrant and easy to eat.

  However, in the process of eating, the Ming staff in the fried dough sticks will be absorbed by the human body, which will damage the nerve cells, and may increase the risk of senile dementia in the long run.

  However, the use of soy milk in edible fritters will alleviate the toxicity to some extent.

This is because soy milk contains lecithin, which can relieve the toxicity in fritters properly.

  Even so, breakfast should be low-oil and healthy, and it is better to eat less soy milk.

  In addition to the life-saving foods mentioned above, in fact, there are many foods that threaten the body in life. Let’s talk about how to solve them.

  The mechanism of soy fatal toxin saponin is because the raw soybean also contains the toxic ingredient saponin. Therefore, if the freshly ground soybean milk is eaten before cooking, it can also cause food poisoning.

Especially when the soy milk is heated to about 80 ° C, the saponin expands due to heat and the foam floats up, forming a “false boiling water phenomenon. In fact, the toxic ingredients such as saponin in the soy milk at that time were not completely destroyed. If this soy milk wouldCauses poisoning, usually 0 in consumption.

The disease can develop within 1 hour, with colitis.

  Detoxification method In order to prevent in vivo soymilk poisoning, the soymilk should continue to be heated to 100 ° C after “false boiling” occurs.
  Cooked soy milk has no foam, and the disappearing foam also indicates that toxic ingredients such as saponin have been destroyed, and then cooked on low heat for about 10 minutes, so that the purpose of safe consumption can be achieved and nutrition can be maintained.

  The deadly mechanism of laver’s deadly toxins to prevent spoilage. If laver appears blue-purple after the water is released, it means that it has been contaminated by toxic fluoride when it grows in the sea.
  Detoxification method These toxins cannot be detoxified by cooking and are not edible.

  Fresh seaweed is dark green and bright in color, while high-quality dried seaweed has purple-black gloss (some are purple-red or purple-brown), thin slices and soft taste.

  Inferior laver has a poor surface gloss, uneven thickness, red color with green inclusions, poor taste and aroma, many algae, and inclusions.

If the seaweed smells like fishy, musty, etc., then the seaweed is no longer fresh.

  In addition, high-quality seaweed has almost no impurities after foaming, and the leaves are relatively neat; poor-quality seaweed not only has more impurities, but the leaves are also not neat.

  If it turns green after foaming, it means that the quality is very poor, or even artificial coloring of other seaweeds.

  In addition, when laver is bought home, you can also grill it on the fire. High-quality laver should be green after roasting, and yellow if it is inferior.

The color of laver which is too purple and bright may be soaked in water before dyeing and eating.

  The fatal mechanism of cassava fatal toxin Lin Renkuoside Although cassava’s tuber starch starch, all parts of the whole plant, including roots, stems and leaves, contain toxic substances, and the fresh roots have a toxicity barrier.

  Therefore, you must pay attention to eating cassava roots.

The toxic substance contained in cassava is linseed glucoside. If mixed or undercooked cassava or drink its soup, it may cause poisoning.

  The reason is that after linseed glucoside or linseed glucosidase enters our intestines and stomachs, it is decomposed by gastric acid to produce free hydrocyanic acid, which makes people poisoned.

If a person consumes 150?
300 grams of raw cassava can cause poisoning and even death.

  Detoxification method to prevent cassava poisoning, can be peeled before eating cassava, soak the potato with water to dissolve cyanide.

Generally, 70% of cyanide can be removed after soaking for about 6 days, and then it can be safely eaten by heating and cooking.

  The lethal mechanism of potato fatal toxin Solanum tuberosum Potato is one of the vegetables often eaten on the household table, but it contains the toxin toxin (potatotoxin, solanin), which is contained in all potato plants.

However, the content of each part is different, and the content of mature potatoes is relatively high, which generally does not cause poisoning. However, the outer skin of potato buds, flowers, leaves and tubers contains higher eggplants.Parts are several tens to hundreds of times higher.

  Immature green potatoes or potato tubers with dark spots due to improper storage contain extremely toxic substances.

  Detoxification method To prevent potato poisoning, we can store potatoes in a dry and cool place to prevent germination.

It is best not to eat if you notice germination or black-green flesh when eating.

Potatoes should be stored at low temperature and protected from light to prevent germination.

  Potatoes with a small amount of sprouts should be thoroughly excavated, and the surrounding part of the sprouts should be enlarged and removed. Such potatoes should not be fried. They should be cooked and stewed thoroughly.

Adding vinegar during cooking can accelerate the destruction of solanine.

  Vicia faba fatal toxin vetchin’s fatal mechanism Vicia faba seeds contain vetchin, which can cause acute hemolytic anemia (faba bean yellow disease) when people consume this substance.

  When eating green broad beans in the spring, poisoning often occurs if cooking is not done properly.

And generally after eating raw broad beans 4?
Onset after 24 hours.

  Detoxification method In order to prevent broad bean poisoning, it is best not to eat fresh tender broad beans, and the broad beans must be completely cooked before consumption.

  Fatal toxin of colchicum colchicum fatal mechanism Lily is also known as day lily, which is one of the favorite alternatives.

However, day lily contains colchicum tincture. If the human body is implanted with colchicum tincture, it will be oxidized in human tissues to form two colchicum tincture.

  And Erqiu Narcissus is a highly toxic substance that will poison our stomach, urinary system, and even seriously threaten our health.

If an adult ingests fresh daylily 50 at a time?
100 grams immediately caused poisoning.

  Detoxification method To prevent fresh daylily poisoning, you can boil the fresh daylily in boiling water and then soak it in water to remove most of the colchicum.

You can also cook fresh daylily, cook thoroughly, and then cook.

  When fresh day lily poisoning occurs, it is relatively light. You can immediately detoxify it. Drink a lot of water boiled by mung beans and press the root of your tongue with your fingers to induce vomiting repeatedly.

  For those who eat more daylily and have more severe symptoms of poisoning, they need to be sent to the hospital for treatment immediately.
At the same time, it is best to eat dried daylily products because it has eliminated toxic ingredients during the production process.

  Now that everyone knows some life-saving vegetables that clear heat and detoxify, you don’t need to worry about eating a lot of medicines that clear heat and detoxify. This kind of medicine-food therapy can guarantee health and safety.