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Four pairs of foods to prevent colds

Four pairs of foods to prevent colds

Winter and spring are the seasons with a high incidence of colds.

Recently, the Japan Beauty Health Network “Range” article introduced the 4 pairs of food combinations that can be prevented by the dietitian.

  Broccoli + Shellfish Broccoli adds vitamin C and carotene, which has a strong antioxidant effect. Combined with high-quality protein and zinc shellfish, it can enhance human immunity and prevent colds.

  The spicy ingredients gingerol and gingerone contained in ginger + spinach ginger have sweating and blood circulation effects, which can improve the body’s cold phenomenon. When paired with carotene, spinach can enhance the effect of preventing colds.

  Salmon + tomato salmon contains almost all kinds of B vitamins, while tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene.

The combination of the two can activate and strengthen the functions of cells, improve immunity, and prevent the invasion of cold viruses.

  The main ingredient of rice + soy rice is not high in protein quality, but when paired with lysine soy beans, it can improve protein quality and enhance immunity.