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11 ways to easily get your baby dirty

11 ways to easily get your baby dirty

[Guide]Mothers can’t tolerate their babies becoming “little babies”. Often the babies have a little one and change it.

But in the face of milk stains, oil stains, gray stains on clothes, another problem was put in front of my mother-how to wash these clothes?

1. If the baby accidentally gets the yolk on the clothes while eating eggs, then the clothes can be immersed in cold water while washing, do not stir, and after 1 hour, you can wash according to the normal method.

2. If your baby is eating fruits such as watermelon juice, tomatoes or strawberries, the juice drips on the clothes, or if there are chocolate stains on the clothes, you can soak them with soda water and rub them with your hands until the dirt is eliminated, And then wash as usual.

3, milk stains on clothes, you can first wash with cold water, and then wash with enzyme detergent to remove.

4. Sometimes when the baby eats, it is possible to discard food and put clothes on the body because it is not tasty or not breathing well. In this case, you can wipe the discarded material first, and then use enzyme detergent when rinsingWashing is fine.

5, take the baby to the park to play, the baby likes to turn around and roll on the grass, reorganized clothes are inevitable.

Many mothers think that grass stains are difficult to clean, and they don’t let their children play their own way.

In fact, there are grass stains on the clothes. If normal washing methods do not work, you can use gauze and alcohol to scrub.

6, blood stained clothes can be washed like this: first soak clothes with water for 30 minutes before washing, when the effect is not good, you can use enzyme detergent, if not, you can also drop a few drops of ammonia on the blood.

7. The baby’s clothes are particularly dirty and need to be washed frequently. If the mother is worried that repeated washing will damage the clothes, you can spray some cloth protection agent on the cuffs, neckline and knees of the baby’s clothes.Most of the liquid products coming out will form beads, which can be wiped off with a wet towel at any time.

8. Older babies like to eat bubble gum or chewing gum.

After they finished eating, they couldn’t throw it away carefully, so they wiped the chewing gum on their clothes. In this case, they could use carbon tetrachloride or methanol to soften the gum and then gently peel it off to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

9, the more beautiful the girl is by default, the fat powder used by her mother, she often wants to “spot some oil”.

Therefore, traces of lipsticks and the like are often left on girls’ clothes. Moms can try rubbing petroleum jelly or glycerin into the stains gently, then washing them with warm soapy water, drying them, and then dipping them in a spongeWipe clean the dirt.

10. Compared with clothes, baby shoes are more easily soiled. In order to ensure a good appearance when washing white shoes, after washing the first water, you can apply starch to the upper to prevent the soil from being embedded in it.

11. After the baby has been active for a day, the dirty socks he replaces sometimes become very hard.

At this time, socks can be rinsed in soda water, and then put into the washing machine and washed with other clothes.

If it is a white sock, after washing it, it can be boiled in water with a small piece of lemon and boiled to restore the original softness.