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Mosquito repellent products are sold without a license

Mosquito repellent products are sold without a “license”

A few days ago, Beijing, Chengdu and other places successively found that the “baby gold water” outer packaging of the “mosquito does not bite” toilet water series has no pesticide registration certificate number, so they were removed from the counter and prohibited from selling.
So, will the mosquito repellent products on the Nanning market also face this fate?
Recently, the reporter conducted a survey on the mosquito repellent products market in Nanning and found that “baby gold water” on the “blacklist” is still on sale in major supermarkets.
 On June 20, the reporter visited several large supermarkets and shopping malls in Tancheng and found that spraying insecticides, electric mosquito coils, liquid mosquito coils, mosquito-repellent lamps, and mosquito-free insects were placed on the shelves of major supermarkets and mallsIt was full, and people were paying for it in order to deal with mosquitoes.
Various “baby golden water” suits in a shopping mall are on sale, and a brand sells more than 20 sets a day.
For businesses, little mosquitoes undoubtedly mean a big market.
But for consumers, the existence of various mosquitoes in the summer not only consumes money, but also disturbs the body and mind.
  The reporter found in the investigation that, among a wide variety of “mosquito-free” products, “baby golden water” is a special mosquito repellent for children and a daily necessity for mothers to prepare for summer mosquitoes.
However, it was found in the containers of some supermarkets and shopping malls that there were Ding Jiayi and Ballet Baby Golden Water produced in Nanjing; Bailian and Libai mosquito repellent toilet water produced in Guangzhou. The outer packaging did not have the “Pesticide Registration Certificate Number” issued by the Ministry of Agriculture.It is questionable whether the mosquito repellent ingredients it contains are safe and reliable.
Among the “mosquitoes that don’t bite” products that are sold in major supermarkets, only Liushen, Longliqi, Johnson & Johnson, Baique Ante and other well-selling brands of “mosquitoes that don’t bite” toilet water have a “pesticide registration certificate number”.
  The reporter learned from the Nanning Agriculture Bureau that according to the “Pesticide Management Regulations” promulgated by the State Council, all products that prevent, eliminate or control mosquitoes, flies, rats and other harmful organisms are pesticides and must be approved by the state authorized department for medicinal effects,Toxicological tests can confirm that it is harmless to the human body and the environment before it can be produced and sold. The registration certificate number should be printed on the outer packaging of the product.
Therefore, the above-mentioned babies’ gold water, which is specifically used to dispel mosquitoes and mosquitoes for children, has no relevant label. If children use such mosquito-repellent products that have not been tested and approved by the national authority, will it cause harm to the child’s health?
  [特别提醒]   据南宁市爱卫会的有关人士说,近期南宁市处于潮湿高热气候,正是蚊子的疯狂繁殖生长期;在城市的许多地方尤其是正在建设中的工地,都是蚊子成长的”Good home.”
For people with weak constitutions such as infants, a “light kiss” from a mosquito can easily lead to four major diseases: one is epidemic dengue fever; the other is Japanese encephalitis; the third is malaria; the fourth is filariasis.
  Among them, Japanese encephalitis is the most harmful to the human body, which is easily available to children and may be accompanied by lifelong disability.
Therefore, this newspaper reminds consumers that when buying mosquito and insect repellent products, they must see whether the pesticide registration certificate numbers starting with “WPN”, “WL”, “LS” are printed on the outer packaging.Do not buy to ensure that consumers buy safe mosquito and insect repellent products and spend the summer safely.