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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of different masks


Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of different masks

Masks are skin care products that many MMs who love to be beautiful like, and there are many types of masks. According to the use methods, they can be divided into smear-type masks and face-type masks. If they are divided by benefits, they can be dividedWhitening mask, moisturizing mask and hydrating mask, etc.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of application masks and face masks to help you better choose the mask you want!

  The first type: the smear-type smear-type mask has the most abundant thickness: mud, gel, cream, etc. The packaging is mostly bottled or tubed, which is convenient to carry.

  Advantages: easy to use, apply by yourself, and some can even be used at will.


The main effect of clay is to clean the skin and shrink pores.

The moisturizing effect is also good, it can very effectively soften the double hardened sebum on the pores.

After applying the mud-type cleansing mask to the face, the blackheads and acne on the face can be easily removed.

  Advantages and Disadvantages: The cleaning effect is very good. Stick to it to keep the pores transparent.

However, because many products contain higher preservatives to prevent bacteria from growing in the moist paste and excessive mineral content in them, sensitive skin should be used with caution.

  Suitable for skin type: Oily skin type is most suitable. Combination, normal and dry skin with blackheads can be used in T zone. Usage: Evenly absorb until pores are not visible.

When the mask is dry (usually 15 minutes), wash it off.

  Frequency: 1?
2 times to strengthen the play If you are prone to acne, you can apply a little tea tree oil on the acne area and then apply a mask.

If you are afraid of dry cheeks, you can apply a little hydrating essence before applying the mask.


Gel-like and vulcanization are similar, except that more maintenance ingredients are added. Most of them can be used as sleep masks. The biggest effect is to replenish moisture. In addition, it has a calming and cooling effect on the skin.

  Advantages and Disadvantages The mask of Dangdang can only add the initial skin care ingredients, so it can be better absorbed by the skin and keep the skin water and oil in balance.

But it contains a certain amount of alcohol, and the oil with too heavy water is overlaid on the skin, which easily causes dryness. Sensitive redness on normal skin is suitable for all skin types, especially for oily and combination skin. Usage: apply to theOut 1?
2 mm thickness, do not repeatedly apply back and forth, this is easy to cause pollution.

  Frequency: 2?
3 times to enhance the use of some hydrating essence on the face before use can enhance the hydration effect.

Dry skin can be applied with anti-allergy essence to prevent sensitivity.


Creamy In principle, the effect of a creamy maintenance mask is similar to that of an effective night cream.

Cream-type masks have the same moisture content as those used in creams, and they have anti-aging, whitening, moisturizing, soothing effects.

  Advantages and disadvantages It is very convenient to use, just wipe it off after application.

Because of its softness and mildness, the cream-type mask can be used on a wide range, and it can be used safely even on sensitive skin.

However, it contains a certain amount of oil. When choosing oily skin, ask about its freshness in detail to avoid blocking the pores.

  Suitable for dry skin, normal skin, mixed skin is more suitable for U area.

  Use to cover pores.

Rinse off after 20 minutes. If you feel particularly greasy, wash with water.

  Number of times per week?
2 times to strengthen the use of mixed skin, you can apply in the T area to replenish or oil control mask, U area to apply a cream mask, so that oil control and moisturizing.

  The second type: the face-to-face mask is to absorb the prepared high-concentration maintenance essence on cotton cloth (paper), and then use the package and apply it to the body.

  Advantages: the most obvious effect, the independent packaging is clean and hygienic.

  Facial mask is an effective way to maintain the skin.
It can be said to have immediate magic effects.

The mask contains a large amount of essence and hyaluronic acid, which is easy to penetrate. After use, the skin will feel fuller, fine lines and lack of moisture will be improved, and the moisture will last.

Generally, single-piece independent packaging is used, which is convenient and hygienic.

Advantages and disadvantages: The main advantage of the mask is that the form of the essence “soaks” the skin, which can greatly increase the penetration and depth of effective skin care ingredients to the skin, and can quickly and effectively change the amount of skin.

However, this type of mask has no cleaning effect and is not suitable for people who need deep cleansing.
Many facial masks will be closely attached to the design of the eye mask, which can also take good care of the skin around the eyes.

  Suitable for skin type: Any skin type except sensitive skin.

  How to use: Open the package, quickly flatten it to the face, and rest for 15?
20 minutes, let the skin absorb more nutrients in a relaxed condition.

The advantage of lying flat is that the essence absorbs the non-woven fabric and evenly presses it on the face, so that it can be absorbed more fully.

  Enhance your performance: If you choose a hydrating mask, you can apply whitening essence on the spots before applying the mask, or apply anti-aging essence on the wrinkles to make this hydrating mask an all-around mask.

  Frequency: 1?
3 times, can be used every other day if necessary.