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Popular 4 ways to quickly improve the whitening effect

Popular 4 ways to quickly improve the whitening effect

In the spring and summer, it is the time for skin metabolism to be active. As the sun increases, the skin’s melanin swarms.

Therefore, what we need to do is sun protection, deep hydration, nourishment, and learn to use the golden repair period at night to help skin accelerate whitening effect.


hzh {display: none; }  第一招——防晒遮瑕  兰蔻胶原防护BB霜SPF50PA+++  第1支兼具美白、高防晒系数与绝佳底妆遮瑕效果的BB霜  保护胶原蛋白:我们深知从体外补充The actual effect of collagen is very small, so why not protect it from the source?

This BB cream can protect our collagen loss from the depths and truly achieve effective protection.

  Presents clean skin that is as uniform as a baby’s skin: ultra-lightweight granularity, instantly intelligently evens out skin tones and blemishes, making skin appear fair complexion.

Easy to use, light texture cream can effectively repair skin defects such as pigmentation, fine lines and rough skin.

  The second trick-nourishing and nourishing SKII fairy water. The fairy water contains more than 90% of Pitera yeast extract, which is rich in various nutrients. It provides skin with sufficient nutrition and conditioning the skin every day.Smooth skin color.

After washing the face, first use the toner to condition, then take the amount with cotton, wipe the face first, then pat the entire face and replace it. Any skin type is suitable.


hzh {display: none; }  第三招——夜间修复   DIOR雪晶灵修复精华液   Dior雪晶灵的美白明星产品,质地轻柔,颜色嫩白,如初雪般融化于肌肤表面,高浓缩的透白亮The complex is used to significantly reduce the dullness, effectively purify the skin and make the complexion more transparent.

Super moisturizing, brightens the skin, reproduces fresh, bright skin, and radiates radiance.

  The fourth trick-concentrated care sofina whitening skin whitening concentrated facial mask with whitening ingredients daisy ET essence, can act in the primary stage before melanin production; contains rich intercellular lipids, improve the moisturizing and water-holding capacity of keratinocytes,It penetrates deep into the skin.

The upper and lower pieces are designed to better fit the facial skin, so that the skin of the jaw and nose is properly taken care of.

15 minutes of care and reward for tired skin through the concentrated care of the mask