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3 big countermeasures to fight orange peel nose _1

3 big countermeasures to fight orange peel nose

Large pores, of course, shrink pores.

Large pores at both ends are a big fail for beauty.

So shrinking pores becomes very important.

3 effective countermeasures to help you fight the bumpy orange peel nose.

  Does your nose have bumpy orange peel pores?

If you haven’t figured out your large pores, you may wish to try the following test methods first to find the root cause before you can completely eliminate the bad nose.

  Bump orange peel pores?

When you touch your nose, will your fingers feel so greasy?

After I arrived at the company, all my makeup was spent?

Does foundation easily surround pores?

Skin feels less elastic lately?

When you are tired or lack of sleep, your pores are more visible. If you meet most of these options, you are an open pore.

  Bump orange peel pores Your pores are wide open and look like a hole!

In fact, there is no dirty sweat stuck in the pores. It is only because the cleaning is not accurate, and the previous excessive squeezing has caused the pores to become inflamed for a long time.

The cure method can be used to improve the skin’s elasticity and maintain the cavity.

  The solution is a violent bump. Apply the pore concealer product before temporarily delivering the invisible step1 foundation of the makeup products.

Be sure to fill your pores by sliding back and forth with your fingertips, preferably the transparent one.

  Step 2 is between the best state of liquid foundation and powder cream. Use a powder puff to gently press on it.

  Editor’s recommendation: make up for ever silky gel 30ml / 405 yuanRecommended reason: transform into silky touch, colorless oil control gel, which can help with large pores and fine lines. Product introduction: colorless oil control gelGum can not only modify the makeup immediately, but also make the makeup last longer.

Soft focus particles not only absorb excess oil, but also make makeup easier and last longer.

Silicone copper glue ingredients help the skin appear powdery and velvety.

Moisturizing factors soothe sagging skin and increase skin elasticity.

  With the exception of mineral oil, it is the perfect product for oily and combination skin.

No longer need to make up every moment.

  For users: Designed for consumers with oily and combination skin who want their skin to look matte and matte.

  Designed by any consumer who has a powder mist makeup and does not want to puff too much powder.

  Men who do not want to wear makeup can also use it if they want to look good.

  How to use: Rub on the entire face before the cream.

Insert a certain amount with one finger and rub a thin layer on the face.

Don’t rub more than two layers, too much will cause sediment.

After leaving to dry, you can start applying the cream.

  Editor’s recommendation: bejiajia area long-lasting oil-free gel cream 12g / 58Recommended reason: make the pores temporarily invisible Product effect: skin care cream, so that easy to oily, large pores on the skin part of the skin becomes fresh and detailed.

Long-lasting oil control, suppressing oily skin.

Naturally smoothes large pores and rough skin texture.

  How to use: After skin care in the morning, use your fingertips to take an appropriate amount (about 2-3 circles) in a circular pattern and apply to areas that are prone to oily shine and have obvious pores.

It is also used at any time in Japan and China.

If using foundation, apply it before foundation.

  Solution two: improve skin collagen, tighten pores and rub from bottom to top for better lifting effect. Recommended: L’Oreal Genesis New Skin Source Pore Tenderness 50ml / RMB 190 Recommended reason: Pore conditioning for light mature women, keratin renewal+ Strengthen skin elasticity, refreshing conditioning from the inside out.  Product introduction: Restores skin to fullness and fullness, and helps the skin epidermis to maintain the frequency of renewal, so that the surface cells of the skin are tightly arranged, pores are reduced and the skin is smoothed.

Every morning and evening, after the cleansing procedure, apply an appropriate amount of pore tender milk and apply it on the face and parts to effectively nourish the skin deeply.

  Solution three. Sebum conditioning inhibits excessive secretion of sebum. Step1 oil control products can be evenly distributed by pressing the fingertips in a counterclockwise circle. Step2 oil control products are often powdery.: Clarins Pore Shrinking Essence 30ml / 330 yuanRecommended reason: Reducing the powder and delicate, gently adsorbing excess oil, improving the problem of shiny face.

  Product efficacy: tightens pores, purifies skin, removes shine; absorption causes the pores to expand and produces excess oils that shine.

Remove dead skin cells and clean pores.

Purifies skin and reduces redness, swelling and inflammation.

Prevents pores from expanding again and slows down the proliferation of oil cells that promote oil production.

Regulate the production of enzymes and control oil secretion.

Prevents pores from growing and deforming, promotes the production of collagen fibers, keeps skin firm, and prevents pores from deforming.

Fine skin slows down the renewal of keratinocytes that make the skin rough.