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Money habit exposes your character

Money habit exposes your character

Although money is something outside of you, if you can only take one item with you when you go out, chances are that you will choose money.

Psychoanalyst Samuel Lebas points out that the different ways people carry money show different inner worlds.

  Most people keep their money in their wallets and avoid dealing directly with coins.


You will subconsciously answer “the money is dirty”.

In fact, this move often represents a self-discipline behavior that people want to restrain their excitement and impulse to spend money.

  People who like to save a lot of money with them, mostly yearn for a free life, and dream that they can satisfy their wishes at any time.

Most people who like coins, especially those who make coins tinkling, are enjoying a show off and show off.

  Some people like to put their money in their jacket pockets and use it to “head”. Such people may face financial difficulties and increase their sense of security in a way that “you can see the money when you look down.”

People who are accustomed to putting money in the back of their trousers, subconsciously want to reject banknotes, but they can’t help but touch them often, which shows a “welcome to refuse” mentality.

I want to convince myself, “Money is not everything, but no money is absolutely impossible.

“People who are used to making money crumpled don’t hate money. On the contrary, crumpling money can increase the volume of the money and make it look more staring.

And those who like to fold up the money one by one like to save money, the most common in old age, this move has far exceeded the value of money itself, representing that they cherish the wealth of life.