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Drink lemonade often to give you a good figure

Drink lemonade often to give you a good figure

According to research, lemon is a fruit with extremely high nutritional and medicinal value.

Among the most important nutrients are calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, and niacin in addition to sugars.

The taste is more sour and bitter than other citrus because the organic acid content is as high as 6.

4%, a dozen times higher than oranges, oranges and other fruits.

In addition, it is rich in nutrients such as flavonoids, volatile oils, and orange peel impurities.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lemon has the effect of “shengjin to quench thirst, and to lower the stomach and reduce phlegm and cough.”

When you have an upset stomach or feel nauseous, when you don’t want to eat, eat a lemon to control some relief.

  Modern nutrition believes that lemon has high medicinal value.

For beautiful women, it is first and foremost a very effective weight loss food.

Drinking water with fresh lemon after a meal is very good for digestion.

However, people with too much stomach acid should not join.

  In fact, lemon has the effect of preventing and reducing complications of diabetes.

This is mainly because it contains a special holy grass citrin.

Experiments have shown that it can greatly reduce the amount of over-acidified adults in the kidneys, kidneys and blood of diabetic patients.

Lemon is also a food to prevent cardiovascular disease. Hypertension, patients with myocardial infarction often drink lemon drinks, which has great benefits in improving symptoms.

  In the way of eating, cut the lemon into thin slices and soak in the water, there will be a light fragrance, which will refresh the spirit.

If you are interested, you can also learn English. Adding two or three slices of lemon to black tea can make the tea taste more aromatic.

In addition, you can put a slice of lemon in various drinks such as soda, and even use it to make lemon curd, which is also a healthy and delicious way of eating.