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[How to save fresh hairy crabs]_How to save_Save method

[How to save fresh hairy crabs]_How to save_Save method

Usually when we buy ingredients, we will buy a few pounds more when we encounter what we like to eat, or if we are on sale. Hairy crabs are one of them.

Because the living environment and fishing methods of hairy crabs determine its price is not very close to the people, the chances of encountering hairy crabs are also very small. Then if you buy fresh hairy crabs, how can you preserve it to retain its freshest and most original flavor?How about it?


How to keep crabs fresh-refrigerated storage is the most effective way to preserve crabs. You can store fresh crabs in the refrigerator for storage.

The low temperature environment can effectively inhibit the reproduction and growth of bacteria, and will not cause the problem of deterioration of crabs.

Although the cold storage method can greatly extend the shelf life of crabs, everyone must eat it as soon as possible, otherwise the taste and taste will be greatly reduced.

As the crabs are stored for a longer period of time, the nutrition of crabs and fats in crabs will continue to be lost, so it is recommended that you still eat crabs as soon as possible and try not to save them.


How to keep crabs fresh-save in a water basin. You can prepare a relatively large water basin and put in an appropriate amount of water. You can put vigorous crabs in it, and try to add water to about half of the crab’s body. Do not use water.Cover the crab’s body completely, otherwise the crab will die from suffocation due to lack of oxygen. Preserving crabs in this way can help everyone eat fresh crabs at any time.

However, crabs can only be kept for about half a month in this way.


How to keep crabs fresh-plastic wrap preservation Everyone can also steam the crabs and cover them with plastic wrap, then put them in the refrigerator to store them. When everyone eats, you can take them out and eat them directly.It is also a very good method. The cling film can effectively connect the external air and prevent the oxidation reaction of crab and air.

The high-protein nutrients that cause obesity in crabs will have great benefits for their own health, and they can supplement all kinds of nutrients needed by the body in all aspects.

Presumably everyone now has a clearer understanding and understanding of how crabs are kept fresh, which can effectively solve the problem of many housewives and friends who do not know how to save crabs.

Everyone tries to eat more crabs in daily life, which can add nutrition that everyone can’t add daily, and improve physical fitness in all aspects.