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Chinese medicine treatment for minor diseases and pain

Chinese medicine treatment for minor diseases and pain

“Small problems” such as stomachaches and colds, many people often go to pharmacies to buy some proprietary Chinese medicines, because traditional Chinese medicines are small substitutes, but sometimes they take a lot of medicines, and the disease is not good., And then summarize the symptoms.

  TCM believes that there may be three reasons: internal, external, and internal and external.

Internal causes include emotions, diet, work and rest, etc .; external causes include Liu Yin (wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness), epidemics, etc .; internal and external causes include trauma.

Finding incentives is to start from these three aspects.

  Stomach pain. Think about how you suddenly had a stomachache, something caused by eating more ice cream last night?

Still eating unclean food?

This is the first step to identify the incentives.

Think about all your symptoms (including major symptoms and comorbidities), as well as your location, traits, and other signs.

For example, the main symptom is abdominal pain, especially severe abdominal pain. At the same time, the stool is thin. You can drink hot water, or you can temporarily relieve the pain when you drink hot water or press it with your hands.

  Conclusion: I like to drink hot water because there is cold in the stomach. Disposal can relieve the symptoms, which means that it is a deficiency syndrome. Thin stools also indicate that the spleen and stomach are cold.

Take some medicines for warming the stomach and expelling colds, some warming stomach, Fuzi Lizhong pills and so on.

If you take Chinese medicine that clears the stomach and nourish yin (such as Moradan), you will not recover.

  I had a night’s air conditioner for a cold at night and got a fever 37 the next day after waking up.

5 months, afraid of cold, runny nose, sneezing, body pain, sore throat, no thirst, no sweat.

  Fever, fear of cold, and body pain are typical manifestations of suffering from cold, running nose, sneezing, and no sweat are also due to exogenous cold; throat pain and thirst can be trimmed without heat syndrome.

  Conclusion: This is a type of cold caused by wind chills. It is generally accepted that Xinwen hydrolyzes the table, and the main medicine for removing wind and cold can be cured.

  If you take Shuanghuanglian oral solution for treating wind-heat cold or summer-cold cold, medicines such as Huoxiangzhengqi water may even worsen the condition.

  Of course, if you encounter some relatively complicated symptoms, some of which are cold syndrome, body pain, cold syndrome, sore throat, and thirst fever syndrome, then do not choose your own medicine, you need to use medication under the guidance of a doctor.