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Benefits of eating lettuce in spring

Benefits of eating lettuce in spring

Lettuce, also known as lettuce, has a variety of foods such as raw mixed, stir-fried, dried, salted, and sauced. It is delicious.

Lettuce has a high nutritional value, 500 grams of lettuce contains about 12 mg of iron, and is rich in calcium, trace amounts and folic acid.

Children often eat lettuce for long teeth and changing teeth.

The white syrup in the lettuce tender stems also has a hypnotic effect.

  Lettuce is rich in folic acid.

The normal amino acid folic acid in pregnant women, if not supplemented in time, will affect the brain development of vitamins. In severe cases, it will cause deformed anencephaly and congenital deformities such as spina bifida due to neural tube failure.

Lettuce contains natural folic acid, which is the best source of folic acid. Pregnant women’s diet can completely affect the development of the fetal nervous system.

  The lettuce leaves have a bitter taste and must be salted and then dehydrated to remove the bitterness.

Lettuce leaves have good nutritional value. The vitamin content of the leaves is higher than that of the stems, especially the content of vitamin C is 15 times higher than that of the stems.

In addition, the leaves also contain a lot of calcium and folic acid.

Roasted rice with lettuce leaves has a clear fragrance.

With 500 grams of fresh lettuce leaves, Jiantang drink, alternating stool will obviously increase, used to treat puffiness and ascites.

Lettuce seeds can stop milk.

So it can be said that lettuce is a treasure all over the body.