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In ancient times, the Chinese people paid special attention to the great effect of breathing and coordination on the physical health of the human body. In “Zhuangzi”, “bragged about breathing, vomiting new ideas, bears and birds stretched out.”It ‘s good,” and this paragraph describes the fitness effect of breathing combined with movement on the human body.

In modern times, various “breathing exercises” have been developed.

This is definitely a gospel for our health.

Let’s take a look at some simple breathing exercises.

  ”The lungs are breathing, and they are constantly vomiting new ideas.”

“Respiratory exercises” can not only improve the lung function and vital capacity of normal people, but also promote the rehabilitation of bronchitis and lung diseases.

The specific method is as follows-select the fresh air to the top, do breathing exercises, relax naturally, and breathe abdominally.

  Section 1 compression exercise: contraction to drooping, feet separated with shoulder width, inhale, both hands gradually expand upwards laterally through the body, as far as possible, at the same time raise your head and chest, return when exhaling.

  Section 2: Turning chest compressions: standing as above.

Inhale, slowly turn your upper body to the right and rear, and your right arm will flat out and squeeze to the right and rear.

Then put your left hand flat on the front chest and push the top to the right while inhaling. When turning to the left, the action is the same and the direction is opposite.

  Section 3 Cross-breasted chest: Sit with your feet relaxed on the ground.

Inhale deeply and exhale slowly, with your arms folded across your chest, your upper body leaning forward slightly, and returning when exhaling.

  Section 4 Pressing the chest with both hands: as above.

Place your hands on both sides of your knee.

Inhale deeply, then exhale slowly, with both hands squeezed slightly, and your upper body leaned forward.

Reduce on inspiration.

  The fifth section holds one knee and presses the chest: the position is the same as above.

Inhale deeply, then exhale slowly, while raising the lower leg of the starting lower part, holding the calf with both hands, and squeeze to both sides.

Reduce on inspiration.
The knees are exchanged.

  Verse 6 Hold your knees and press your chest: Stand upright, put your feet together, inhale deeply, then slowly exhale, bend your knees and squat at the same time, squeeze your tibia and tibia with your thighs, and remove the remaining air in your lungs.reduction.
Keep your lungs clean.

  Follow the above steps in the “breathing exercise” sequence, repeating 5-8 times for each method, gradually from slow to fast.

For the elderly and infirm, you can choose one of the two or three quarters and do it 2-3 times a day.

Obviously, each section requires abdominal breathing, inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mouth, exhaling for about 1 time longer than inhaling, and should not exercise temporarily when there is a respiratory infection or associated heart failure.

  As long as you persist for a long time, your breathing will naturally slowly, and your body will be adjusted, and you will be able to gain a peaceful mood.

Peace of mind is home, and peace of mind is big.

It will naturally relieve stress and enjoy life.