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[Is poplar hair harmful to people?]

[Is poplar hair harmful to people?]

When the spring and summer seasons alternate, there will always be poplar fluffs flying in the north. Many friends will be very worried whether these poplar hairs will be harmful to the human body, and if they are inhaled, they will affect our respiratory system.

In fact, poplar hair does not cause much harm to the human body, but you can still wear a mask when you go out, because if it is replaced, it may affect the human body.

Populus tomentosa as wood, he grows fast and grows tall, tall and erect, with thick stems and broad leaves, and is resistant to drought and freezing, making it a good choice as an economic tree species.

However, the white floc emitted by the tidbits in the beginning of spring has a significant impact on people’s health and the environment.

It’s once again the season when snow-like poplar hairs fly around. Walking on the road affects sight and keeps eyes open; nose, mouth, and eyes are everywhere; allergies, sneezingOne after another, poplar hair is so harmful to health and life.

Poplar hair can cause discomfort and although it is non-toxic and harmless, it is easy for some sensitive people to irritate the respiratory tract, cause coughing, sneezing, red eyes, skin allergies, etc .; it can also bring some potential threats to actual life.

First, Feixu is an allergen, which can cause cough, hypertension and other respiratory diseases, and induce rhinitis.

Especially for people with allergic constitution and suffering from severe hypertension, hypertension, cerebral infarction, intense cough and asthma will aggravate the condition and endanger their lives.

Second, poplar hair is a flammable substance. When you see an open flame burning quickly, it poses a great threat to ignorant children, and some adults also point on the street.

Children are often seen standing in the fluffy white blobs, and using a lighter to light them, the fire ignites violently, and it is easy to cause a disaster.

Third, the poplar hair is too light and fluctuating. Sanitation workers are difficult to clean. It also affects the sight of pedestrians and drivers, which may cause incidents.

People with a lot of poplars do n’t open their eyes, how big the harm is, how to protect it properly, it will not affect us. For sensitive people, we should pay attention to protection. Wear masks, glasses, and ride or drive safely.Too fast; if it is not necessary to go out, try to move indoors.