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24-hour moisturizing plan in 5 steps


24-hour moisturizing plan in 5 steps

Bladder is always dry?

Five simple steps, perfect water replenishment plan for every sister, be a tender and beautiful woman.


hzh {display: none; }  第一步:去角质  难道不是补水课堂吗?Why talk about exfoliating?

I remind our sisters that this is an undeniable step in bright skin.

In the cold winter, the skin’s soft and thick cuticle resists low temperatures, coupled with slow metabolism, a huge protective layer always remains on the skin surface.

You need a special exfoliating product to help you exfoliate the original protective film, remove the old old waste cells, say goodbye to the yellowish and dull complexion, and let the skin regain its original luster.

However, the frequency of exfoliation should not be too much, 1 or 2 times a week is enough.

  Biotherm Toner Peeling Cream Blue-green translucent gel gel, smooth and delicate foam when used, can gently care for the skin.

It also has the function of eliminating aging keratin, which can completely remove the skin surface debris and old keratinocytes.

  Step 2: Clean and choose a moisturizing facial cleanser. Wash your face with warm water.

If you are afraid of cold, you can learn the method of a famous model Li Ai: first use cold and warm water to remove makeup, wash your face, and then take a bath. The steam in the shower room is very powerful, and the temperature of the body makes the pores of the face openDon’t worry about covering your face with a hot towel.



After taking a shower and flushing with cold and warm water, even if the pores are full of mud, they should be clean!

  Neutrogena Cleansing Facial Cleanser smells fragrant and does not have much foam, but it has strong cleaning power. After washing, it will feel very moisturized.

  The third step: after the face wash, you need to use toner.

Remember to use a pat, and use a cotton pad to gently pat on both ends for secondary cleaning.

Then apply a moisturizing serum.

Products such as serum cannot be pushed upwards or massaged in a circle, but the essence should be gently patted into the pores to lock all the moisture in the cells.

See who dare to say that you are a dry beauty.


DHC Red Pink Rose Spray Lotion DHC Red Pink Rose Spray Lotion is a high-purity naturalized lotion made from venetian rose petals.

The concentrated rose essence is transformed into a fresh spray, which fully penetrates into every inch of skin, soothes the delicate skin that is susceptible to seasonal changes, and makes the skin delicate and beautiful like rose petals.


Lancome-Lancome Moisture Soothing Serum Lancome-Lancome Moisture Soothing Serum

At the same time, it contains strong moisturizing factors to immediately enhance the skin’s moisture, and also contains cereal oil and effective fatty acids, so that the skin can be permanently hydrated.

  Step 4: Eye care focuses on hydrating the double face, as well as the fragile eyes.

Eyes are prone to dry lines or may be lackluster, so we need to focus on care.

Otherwise your eyes are exposed to your age, but it’s bad.

Use eye cream to care for the eyes, and gently massage the corners of the eyes to prevent fine lines.

Don’t forget to make eye mask often to keep your eyes moisturized.


Estee Lauder multi-level instant moisturizing eye cream magical multi-mineral essence water biological water plus our unique moisture insulation?

Moisturizing and isolating technology, the classic combination instantly injects water into the vitality of dehydrated skin, the skin is hydrated and full, and it feels extremely comfortable.

Coupled with the unique Biosine formula, you can rebuild the skin’s natural moisture barrier, lock moisture all day, and no longer need to worry about water loss.
Elizabeth Arden Water Moisturizing Eye Cream 24 Hours Moisturizing Eye Cream is specially developed for the eye skin that requires special care.

It not only helps the skin around the eyes to stay moist for 24 hours, but also repairs and repairs the underlying factors that cause dryness. The moisturizing effect lasts for 24 hours. The advanced living water protein Filagrinol is a complex plant essence that has a catalytic effect.By strengthening the function of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor NMF, it can provide sufficient moisture to the delicate skin around the eyes.

  These four steps are the most basic.

I will send three more tips to sisters to help JMS create a supple face in all aspects.

.hzh {display: none; }  Tips1:每天至少喝两升水   请逼自己每天喝水至少两升,早上一起床就喝一大杯水!This is really a cliché, and we are not interested in repeating it.

If you hate the blandness of plain water, you can use tea instead.

For example, lemon tea can slim down, whiten, and superimposed vitamin C is also very effective in maintaining skin tension and elasticity. Honey grapefruit tea not only helps liver, stomach, lungs and other functions, but also has beauty and beauty, soothes throat, prevents cough, prevents colds, and helpsEfficacy of digestion.

Black tea, Pu’er tea, and scented tea are also good choices for winter tea.

  Tips2: Moisturizing sprays and masks are always available to girls who are looking forward to being in the office. The moisturizing spray should be as close as your makeup mirror.

You can prepare a bottle of special hydrating agent, spray it once in about 2 hours, and then rub it with nourishing products.

In addition to spraying, keep a few moisturizing masks in the office.

When noon break or face can not stand, 15 minutes of mask time is the most busy time to enjoy.

  Sisley Hydrating Flower Moisturizing Mask instantly replenishes moisture and hydrates instantly.

A variety of moisturizing essences instantly replenish moisture.

As long as 3-5 minutes, fatigue signs and dryness are instantly eliminated.

Helps restore skin’s elasticity

  Tips3: Use sunscreen with a sunscreen that has a very high UV content in the spring. With omnipresent fluorescent lights and high-frequency computer bombardment, the skin can easily become dull and even cause annoying spots.

Then the nourished face looks dry too.

Therefore, the sun protection task in the spring must be put on the agenda, not only for the white, but also for the water face.

However, it should be noted that the effective ingredients of high-efficiency sunscreen are susceptible to skin allergy, so it is not recommended to use it in spring.

Recommended SPF15?
A daytime lotion for 30 days, while keeping the skin supple and at the same time repairing the sun.

  Infusa IPSA comprehensive repair sunscreen day cream repairs the dermis collagen and elastic fibers, isolates the deep damage of the skin from ultraviolet rays, maintains skin elasticity and firmness, and prevents strengthening.

The active hyaluronic acid complex enhances the skin’s moisturizing ability and prevents skin dryness caused by UV rays and air conditioning.