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Men’s psychological experience in dating

Men’s psychological experience in dating

I am most afraid that the first invitation to be rejected will be developed by science and technology. We deserve more time to fall in love. But the fact is that urban men and women need to work shorter and the distance between their residence and work place is getting longer and longer.

  Some surveys even think that they can give them whatever they want and do whatever they want for 22 days.

3 minutes.

Among them women need to use 21.

2 minutes to decide what to wear; men need 18.

Fix your hair and shave in 7 minutes.

The real possible times are 1.

1 minute and 3.

6 minutes.

Of course, the above is a bit exaggerated, but you have to admit that dating is a time-consuming task.

  In order to improve the hit rate, 57% of men know the other half through friend introductions, 31% chat at a bar or party, and 12% choose a dating work partner.

Once men want to get close to a woman, most will actively invite each other.

  72% of men set the place for their first date in a restaurant and then watched a movie; 27% were hiking or doing sports, and the remaining 1% would think of some unexpected ways.

  For men, the first date is very important, and there are not a few men with a “get it done” mentality.

If the first invitation is rejected, he will lose his confidence and it is likely that another woman will try his luck.

It would be a big mistake to think that all men are nougat and have unyielding faith.

Not every man has a strong nerve and can withstand “destruction”. They are also afraid of being frustrated, afraid of being ruthlessly rejected, and easily caught in a conditional reflex that protects them.

  Some men will want you to take the initiative. Men will think that if the first date goes well, then the relationship between the two may be good.

Conversely, if she fails to impress a woman on her first date, she will disappear, and there will be no further messages.

  Because it is customary to assume that there is no second chance, men tend to be attentive on their first date.

  Therefore, if the woman has the sincerity of accepting the man, she should give corresponding hints. If you are not numb or hesitant, you cannot send the message “I think you are good” to the other person in time.Creating conditions conducive to action, maybe the relationship between the two people will not end well in the end.

  You are welcome. More and more spoiled men are growing up. They are too shy and not good at contacting women. Such men often expect women to take the initiative.

  Secretly rehearsal dating in mind as the first condition of close contact is mutual favor.

Too arrogant. In the public, it doesn’t feel good to be slapped by a woman or to pour wine on my face, isn’t it?

  In testing women’s minds, men are definitely sensitive and well-planned old foxes.

When watching a movie, it is common acting to pretend to touch the woman’s hand lightly or to confirm her response with a slight physical contact, such as aiming near the woman.

  After confirmation, how to implement the action?

Extending the appointment time is the first priority. After the meal, go for dessert, take a walk together, or take the woman home.

Once such an invitation is made, it can basically be concluded that he is not drunk.

  Can you accept a kiss and finally make a promise?

Several nights before the date, they have been simulating the action plan from the night’s date to the final conclusion, asking the iron buddies, posting online, and considering when and where to kiss.

During the date, they racked their brains to consider the next step in their behavior, so they were often absent-minded when they spoke, and they were completely ignorant of chewing food.

Even if the women next to them have entered a good mood of conversation, they are often unaware.

  Too nervous, I often mistake what clothes to wear, where to meet, how to say hello, where to change, what topics to talk about in the dining room, and then how to implement the next step . so repeatedly modify the plan, and constantly imagine whetherThere will be success, and the result will often make men more nervous.

No matter what kind of mental preparation and no matter what kind of simulation exercise, the actual date may not be as good as they want.

  Therefore, men often miss a good time because of a misinterpretation of an expression.

What would a man do if the woman indicated a tender kiss or intimacy?

It is a pity that almost all men will not ask again, and will not give up.  Of course, there are some persistent males who refuse to give up.

It even helps to strive to get each other and wait for the machine to make a comeback.

However, more facts are that men have been exhausted because of their spiritual good intentions, and have been defeated by self-esteem because they have been rejected. They would rather give up in order not to be hurt.

  Therefore, when you also have the expectation of getting along with him, you should kiss or have close contact, even if you don’t have enough mental preparation for a while, you should also prevent the clarification and misunderstanding.

It is a pity to lose your fate because you don’t understand the other party’s original intention.

In fact, as long as you show your feelings a little, everything will work as expected.