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25 ways to kill office crushes

25 ways to kill office crushes


Smoked to death by a strong lady’s colleague’s strong perfume.


Threatened to death by the curious English words occasionally popped up by the leader.


Colleagues were found crossing the road with her boyfriend, and were collectively “interrogated” in the office, shy to death.


When the company went out, there were more people and less cars, and more than a dozen people crowded into the small bread and squeezed to death.


Going out to work has the opportunity to be alone in the leadership of Mercedes or BMW, proud of death.


During the first business trip, I took a “flying flight”, and encountered turbulence in the middle of the trip, scared to death.


A female colleague boasted of her Italian necklace, suspected of being counterfeit, and disdainful.


The long-loved short shirt was purchased for 300 yuan, and was ridiculed to be worth only 3 yuan.


The female colleague wore a real emerald ring and knew it was expensive and strangled.


Subordinate units came to work, because they wanted to themselves, and they were drunk to death by the sound of horses.


Lose weight, lose more and more fat, fast breakfast or use an apple instead, fermented and died before lunch.


The unit banquet, salmon, kiwi prawns, and scallops are all I want. The three can have both.


The water temperature in the public bath of the building was too high, and it was burnt to death.


She wore a short skirt for thirty-nine days, and she was frozen to death despite wearing wool socks.


The female colleague next door was frustrated with too much work to be done and annoying.


At the end of the month, I must get out the report, and work overtime, and my neck died.


Too much work to be done, and the leader was suspected of being lazy and furious.

  18 years old

The fax machine and the copy machine had a strange smell, and the central air conditioner had poor ventilation.


Being offended by a leader as a shield offends other employees and is hated by colleagues.

Leaders occasionally make low-level, common-sense wrong decisions, suspecting that their ears are deaf or insane, and they are mad and die.

  twenty one

The collar was too low in summer, and was degraded by female colleagues as unhealthy, unclear and depressed.

  twenty two

Thinking hard, I found a good strategy for the company’s profit, fantasizing about salary promotion and death.

  twenty three.

The year-end award was issued, and it was found that it far exceeded expectations and died.

  twenty four

Boxes of apples, pears, or tangerines are overwhelmed and overloaded.
  25 years old

It was said that the office scandal was gently instructed by her husband: “Hurry to death!