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Can you tell longevity from your ears?

Can you tell “longevity” from your ears?

How can health and longevity come from my judgment?
Some people say that longevity can be judged by ears?
In fact, the ear is the epitome of the human body. Almost all organ changes can be manifested from the ear. The most closely related is the kidney.
The ancients also regarded ears as a symbol of blessing. Scientific research confirmed that the size of the ears does have a certain relationship with human life.
  1. Distinguish the appearance of ears: pale ears: more common in people with colds and colds, but also in people with insufficient yang; 红 redness and swelling of ears: mostly manifested as “fire”, common in liver and gall blazing or hot and humid;Lines: Deficiency of heart qi; tinnitus and deafness both indicate weakness of kidney qi.
  People who have nodular or cord-like bulges or dents in their ears and have no luster: they often indicate chronic organic diseases such as liver cirrhosis and tumors.
  The local blood vessels in the ear are too full and dilated, and they can be seen in circles, strips, and other changes: they are common in people with abnormal heart and lung function, such as coronary heart disease and asthma.
  2. Ear shape and physique: 胖 “Fat ears”: larger ears, softer, less fleshy bones, full earlobes, indicating that the person’s inherent nutritional status is very good; “thin ears”: small ears, stiff, fleshy bonesMany people have thin earlobes, which means that this person’s constitution is inherently inadequate.
  Ears are thick and big: People often say “the ears are blessed.” People with thick ears are a manifestation of adequate kidney qi; ears are thin and small: People with thin and small ears are mostly deficient in kidney qi.
  3. The relationship between ear size and lifespan: The folks always regard ears as a symbol of happiness and longevity.
Modern medical observations show that there is a certain relationship between large ears and longevity.
  Medical workers measured 256 elderly people aged 60 to 90 years and 344 elderly people aged 90 to 104 years old. The results showed that the average ear length of the longevity group was 7.
13 cm, female 6.
89 cm; the average ear length in the 60-69 year old group was 6.
93 cm, female 6.
50 cm.
  Obviously, the average ear length of the longevity elderly group is significantly longer than that of the elderly group, and the longest ear length in the longevity elderly group is 8.
8 cm.
Therefore, some experts believe that long ears are one of the characteristics of longevity elderly people.