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[How to steam rice in pumpkin]_How to make_Cooking tips

[How to steam rice in pumpkin]_How to make_Cooking tips

Steaming rice in pumpkin is a good practice. Pumpkin has high nutritional value. It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. It also contains pectin, which has a good adsorption effect and a good detoxification effect.The method of steaming rice in pumpkin is also relatively simple. You must first prepare a suitable pumpkin, then prepare an appropriate amount of rice, and prepare an appropriate amount of water, which is very suitable for elderly and children.

Steamed rice in pumpkin is the main ingredient; 40 grams of rice in Beibei pumpkin supplements: an appropriate amount of water 1.

Preparing the ingredients, the ingredients are simple, as long as there is a babe pumpkin, some rice is fine.

Determine the amount of rice according to the size of the selected Beibei pumpkin; 2.

First clean the rice and soak it in water for about 1 hour; (because the steaming time is short, the rice must be soaked in advance, otherwise it will be pinched) 3.

Cut the pumpkin out of a top cover, and then hollow out the inner crust, you can dig out some pumpkins; 4.

Cut the dug pumpkin into small pieces and mix well with the soaked rice; 5.

Put the mixed rice and pumpkin back into the hollowed pumpkin belly; you can’t fill it up, it’s only a full six minutes, and you need to put in water!


6. Put fresh water in the pumpkin belly and put it in the steam box for 30 minutes; 7.

The pumpkin is steamed. At this time, the shape of the Beibei pumpkin is complete, and the rice and pumpkin inside are cooked thoroughly, exuding a sweet taste of pumpkin; 8.

The steamed rice is very soft, and the Beibei pumpkin itself is soft, glutinous and sweet. You can dig it out and eat it together.

The skin of the Beibei pumpkin is also edible, and finally this pumpkin rice cup can be eliminated.

Steamed to place on the table, the children clapped their hands when they saw it, saying that this pumpkin rice is too good.

Cooking skills Pumpkins and rice can also be dug out and steamed in a rice cooker, the taste is just as good, but this time the pumpkin is made into a container to steam this rice, and the children will find it strange and delicious!