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Five honey skin care products to soothe sensitive skin

Five honey skin care products to soothe sensitive skin

Early spring is prone to skin irritation. It was white and tender yesterday. Why did red acne appear today?

Your skin needs to be soothed. Use skin care with honey to gently condition your skin. It must be healthy and healthy!

Come and see with Xiaobian!

  Body Shop THE BODY SHOP Honey Oatmeal Three-in-one Mask Specification: 100ml Reference Price: RMB 179 Natural mask with triple functions of deep cleansing, nourishing and exfoliating and whitening, soothing, nourishing and conditioning the skin.

Contains organic honey from Zambia Fair Trade, which nourishes, conditions and increases skin radiance.

Its natural oats can deeply purify and moisturize the skin.

Natural high-territory ingredients absorb excess facial oils and deep cleansing capillaries.

  Netizens’ hot comment: Buy from excellence.

The TBS thing is this good, pure natural feeling, but I bought the yellow bottle type, I checked the check number, it should be 2008, the effect is great, after washing a lot of white.

  Nuxe Nuxe Honey Cleansing Gel (Honey Mild Cleansing Gel, Nuxe Honey Cleansing Gel) Specifications: 200ml Reference Price: 240 yuan Gentle plant derivative facial cleansing protects the skin’s hydrolipidic membrane while thoroughly cleaning the skin.

Acacia honey, peach extract softens skin, and walnut extract shrinks and tightens pores.

Moulting and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and children over 36 months.

The skin becomes clean and non-tight after washing.

  Hot comments from netizens: there is no feeling of tension after washing, and Oushu has always liked the taste of the natural formula of Oushu products. Each product has its own unique taste, and the face is soft and clean after washing.

  L’OCCITANE Honey Soothing Mask Specification: 75ml Reference Price: 325 yuan Use this product to make skin soft and soft within 5 minutes.

Propolis, royal jelly and honey originating from the Provence hive can smoothen the skin and resist damage to the skin from the environment.

It is mild and suitable for sensitive skin.

  Hot comments from netizens: Not bad ~~~ Hydrating can be scented ~~~ Although the effect is not as magical as the propaganda said ~~ But because I like this brand recently, it has a psychological effect ~~~ Do not use so much each timeIt’s very moisturizing with a little bit ~~ L’Occitane Honey Cream Specification: 50ml Reference Price: 320 yuan L’Occitane Honey Cream, which combines propolis, royal jelly and honey from Provence honeycomb, has moisturizing and softening effects, leaving skin soft and smooth all day., Tender and Zerun.

The formula is easy to absorb, and it can not only create a bright and bright complexion after use, but also protect the skin from environmental factors such as pollution, cold weather and strong wind, and has a calming effect.

  Hot comments from netizens: There may be some MMs who don’t like the taste of this honey, which is exactly what I like very sweetly. I use this at night and then sleep sweetly and sweetly, but it is comfortable and quite moist.Use the essence.

  SKIN FOOD Honey Black Tea Foam Cleanser Specification: 160ml Reference Price: 460 yuan This product is rich in honey extract with excellent moisturizing effect and black tea extract with excellent exfoliating effect.

Moisturizes and moisturizes skin that is prone to dryness after washing your face.

The rich foam thoroughly removes secretions and sebum deep in the pores.

It feels soft and non-irritating after use.

  Hot comments from netizens: The taste is very attractive and it smells pleasant.

The foam is rich, but it is not very delicate. It is not astringent after rinsing, but it does not feel greasy.

Not tight, suitable for autumn and winter.