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Belly Dance-Waist Exquisite Female Collection

Belly Dance-“Waist” Exquisite Female Collection

With the popularity of Jolin Tsai’s new album “Dancing Girl”, many hot “fitness dancers” also appeared in many gyms in the city.
Belly dance is a kind of fitness dance popular with fashionable women.
This is the most charming fitness dance, soft and strong, especially suitable for those women who want to lose belly fat and practice a small waist.
As the exotic music sounds, dancing your waist, abdomen and buttocks will not only make your “life buoy” in the abdomen disappear quickly, but also release stress and relax.
  Type 1 Swing with the handle Step 1: With your feet standing, your arms extended, your hips swing out with your right foot to the right.
  Step 2: Cross your arms forward, move your left foot forward, and your crotch to the left.
  Step 3: Revert to the first step.
  Step 4: Keep the lower body motion unchanged, with the left arm extended forward and the right arm extended upward.
  Focus of action: This action is divided into four steps, but the crotch is swung a total of three times.
After completing these four steps, do four more steps in the opposite direction. This is the complete set of handles.
  Type 2 0 radians 胯 Step 1: Focus on the waist, spread your feet, and twist slightly to the right and forward.
  Step 2: When the crotch is slowly turned to the left and rear, the body sits slightly forward and leans forward, placing the center of gravity on the lower body, and keeping the back straight when doing the action.
  Step 3: The crotch slowly returns to the state of the first step in the form of “0”. Be careful not to rotate with back strength.
  Step 4: Continue to rotate the crotch to the left and back, with your body sitting slightly lower. At this time, your knees are forward and your left foot is raised.
  Focus of action: This action is also divided into four steps. The crotch is basically rotated with the footsteps.
Once done, do it again in the opposite direction.
  Type 3 Waist-raising step 1: Arms stretch at a right angle of 90 °, the left foot leans forward slightly, the right foot straightens forward, and the body’s center of gravity falls on the left foot.
  Step 2: Keep your upper body unchanged, with your left foot quickly retracted back as your right foot straightens, and keep your toes on your feet.
At the same time, the crotch was thrown forward.