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Make paper toys and play paper games_1

Make paper toys and play paper games

Playing with paper can train your baby’s fine movements in both hands and develop her sense of touch.

At the same time, in the process of playing paper, listening to the “rustle” sound issued by the paper, the baby will get emotional pleasure and satisfaction.

  The 8-month-old baby’s little hand is more and more capable, and he won’t be idle for a moment.

While he’s interested, let’s play paper games together!

You know, paper can also play N kinds of patterns.

  Lara Web Paper Game Props: Web Paper Game Objectives: Fine finger movements, small muscle group strength, unconscious attention.

Little naughty pulled a tube of toilet paper around the room, and he was not tired, looking at the white paper rolls, what should you do?

Don’t hesitate, you will find this game is really fun!

  The game starts now!

The characteristic of the roll paper is that it can both be pulled with a small hand and can be rolled as a “wheel”.

Remember to use paper with a hard roll.

  Little pull: The mother can take a roll of paper and let the baby try to pull it, and see the paper towel slowly “run” out of the roll.

The baby must be very curious. While pulling the paper, the mother can move backwards, so that the baby does not have to use force, and the paper is continuously drawn out of energy, so that the baby can feel the magic of the game.

  Wheel rolling: by pulling a paper towel, the roll is rolled up.

The rolling reel will make the baby excited, and the mother can show it to the baby first.

While crawling on the ground, pull the back of the roll by hand: let the baby imitate your movements, and you can also hold the baby and let him pull the tissue with a little hand and run around the room.

Watching the reel behind “spit” the paper while chasing you, it’s really fun!

  Sugar paper whip cheering game props: colored sugar paper Game purpose: color recognition, auditory stimulation The rustling sound of kneading sugar paper is really good, this is the game we are most willing to play when we were young.

Today, let the baby find the wonderful sound while discerning various colors in the candy paper pile with good candy aroma!

  The game starts now!

Collect beautiful sugar paper, quantity, shape, size and color.

  Candy paper: My mother takes a piece of candy paper.

Knead and knead . Let your baby listen to the crisp sound of sugar paper rubbing.

Put a variety of sugar paper with different particle sizes on your baby’s little handle to let him experience the difference in sound.

Then mother and baby have the right to pat with a pile of sugar paper, so happy!

  The sun in the sugar paper: Block the transparent colored sugar paper in front of the baby’s eyes, and let him look at the sky through the sugar paper, look at the sun, and change the sugar paper of different colors.

Let your baby experience the change of the sky in various colors.

  Together shooting game props: relatively soft paper, such as napkins, crepe paper, etc. Game purpose: hand-eye coordination ability to shoot, of course, use the ball!

Can paper also be used as a ball?

  The game starts now!

  Shooting expert: Put a variety of papers in front of the baby, the mother will give the baby a demonstration first, slowly rub a piece of paper into a ball with both hands, and then hold it high, saying to the baby,Mom is going to shoot!

“Throw the paper ball into the trash bin prepared in advance.

Then you can teach the baby to knead the paper, and then encourage him to shoot forward to see how high the shot rate of the little guy!