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Tips to teach you to protect your heart

Tips to teach you to protect your heart

Cardiovascular disease remains a frightening health killer.

Recently, the British “Daily Mail” reported a series of good ways to promote heart health.

Watch out for the symptoms of stress.

When a person feels stress, the body releases decompression substances, so normal stress will not cause great harm to the body.

However, when the stress is too high or the physiology is disturbed for a long time, the heart will be “pressed” out of order.

Such as restlessness, tears easily, incompetence with daily chores, more hesitant than usual, loss of appetite, concentration, sleep disturbance.

Don’t take these symptoms seriously, take timely action to decompress your body.

Learn the best relaxation techniques.

Lie on your back, easily insert both ends of the globe, and take two deep breaths.

Then tighten the muscles of the toes and heads, count three times, and then relax.

In this way, each group of muscles in the body is relaxed, and deep breathing is maintained throughout the process.

After exercising, take a deep breath to relax, then slowly get up.

Eat more complex carbohydrates.

Gold is an important part of the diet.

Complex carbohydrates and starches that slowly release energy when they reach the body.

Whole grain foods, cereals, flour rice, oatmeal, buckwheat and potatoes are all complex flakes.

Don’t make your belly uncomfortable.

When myocardial fatigue, damage, arrhythmia, etc. occur, the heart cannot obtain excess blood.

At this time, some people will not show the typical symptoms of chest tightness, chest pain, and only abdominal pain, indigestion, and abdominal distension, especially young people, should be noted.

Depression must be “digested”.

There are many causes of depression, but if you have a bad heart, be more careful.

Statistics show that one in four patients will experience depression after a heart attack.

This is not good for their recovery.

Therefore, people with heart disease suffer from depression and should seek psychological help as soon as possible.

Exercise is more important than weight loss.

People who exercise regularly have a lower cardiovascular incidence.

If the “sofa potato” pumps 3 to 4200 meters 3 times a week, even if it cannot lose weight, the risk of illness will be greatly reduced.

Exercise with heart problems.

Patients with heart problems are definitely not “insulators” of exercise, and the heart is transformed from exercise.

All you have to do is seek expert advice, pick the right exercise, and proceed step by step.

Consider taking statins.

Statins are a major advance in the field of cardiovascular heart research.

It can affect the metabolism of hypertension, and can reduce LDL cholesterol that prevents hypertension by 20% -60%.

In addition, statins have fewer side effects and can significantly reduce cardiovascular mortality.

It’s better not to drink.

Although moderate alcohol can prevent cardiovascular disease, it is difficult for the average person to stick to alcohol.Alcohol can directly damage the heart muscle, enlarge the atrium, interfere with the normal rhythm of the heart, and cause atrial fibrillation.

Cardiac examinations cannot be ignored.

If you are over 20 years old without coronary heart disease or diabetes, you need to focus on two important indicators: total cholesterol level in the blood and HDL cholesterol content.

Generally speaking, total cholesterol levels below 5 mmol / L are ideal, 5-6 are in a critical state and there is a certain risk.

If it exceeds 6, then you need to take lipid-lowering measures.