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10 things dad did right to make babies smarter

10 things dad did right to make babies smarter

1. Don’t skimp on your baby’s love and safe attachment is the basis for your baby’s future interpersonal relationships.

Only when the baby has experienced all the positive emotions about love when he was a child can he feel safe and able to interact with others on an equal footing.

So, don’t take your love seriously, get closer to your baby, and let him fully appreciate the intimacy of love in the close contact with his father.

  2. Actively respond to the baby Before the baby can’t speak, he can only communicate with you in his own way.

Maybe it’s a sound, an action or facial expression, gaze or escape, but it’s the hint your baby gives you.

  Don’t hesitate to respond, you will find that your smile can calm the anxious baby gradually, he will cry enough, and he will be quieter at night.

This is because the baby is quieted by soothing or feeding, at which time his brain’s worry response system is automatically turned off.

But pay attention: you can’t meet all his requirements, you only keep a positive response to the baby’s suggestion, let him know that you understand his requirements.

  3. Try to talk to your baby. All the personalities of you and your baby will lay an alternative foundation for your baby’s future learning.

As your baby hears more and more words, the language processing function in the brain develops.

Talk to your baby, read or sing as much as possible, and perhaps read simple picture books to him from the beginning instead of trying to teach him.

As your baby gets longer and slender, you can encourage him to participate by reading the story-repeating intonation and phrases, and slowly, he can do it like you do.

  4, to help your baby build the level For the baby, the establishment of the level is basic.

The baby learns through repetition, which is an important reason for him to feel safe.

Remember, it’s important to change your diaper and bath regularly every day.

At the same time, you should repeat or even fix some activities that can make your baby feel happy, such as telling stories or singing before going to bed, listening to nursery rhymes, and eating cookies and candy after going home.

  5. Encourage your baby to explore safely. For your baby, you are his entire world. Most of you determine his attitude towards the world, and your interaction with him basically determines the way he learns.

Therefore, when your baby is trying to explore or play games, you need to be receptive, especially when he is frustrated and needs encouragement from you.

Only then will the baby be afraid of the difficulties and fearless for the future.

  6. Selectively watching TV with babies Studies have shown that babies learn well, and it is related to the time and content that the father restricts watching TV.

Never let TV be your baby’s “sister”. Even if you watch TV, your baby has to watch it with you.

You can understand the content of TV in your way, and even discuss it with him. In this way, watching TV can become a learning experience.

  7. Take the rule as an opportunity to learn Don’t expect your baby to always do what you say. He is usually impulsive and often noisy because he is not capable of controlling his emotions when he is caused and angry.

It takes time for your baby to learn to control himself.

Never beat or shake your baby vigorously. Studies have shown that this can cause a permanent bad effect on the baby, making him feel scared, humiliated, or angry. This interaction can only teach the baby to resist in the same violent way.

  When your baby makes you unhappy, give yourself a little time, count to 10, calm yourself down, or talk to a friend to ease your mood.

When you are overreacting or demanding too much, say sorry to your baby first. This will not only cause loss, but also make your baby more aware and supportive.

  8. Every baby is unique. Each baby has its own temperament and growth rate. Every baby is unique.

Give your baby unique encouragement and you will see that your baby can really do it well.

First, parents who are more sensitive to their baby’s response will help their baby build a positive self-esteem.

  9, to ensure the quality of baby care Studies have shown that proper baby care and early education can promote your baby’s future learning and social skills, which is absolutely up to you.

If your baby is being taken care of by a nanny or relatives or friends, you need to personally observe how the caregiver interacts with your baby, whether he really cares for the baby, and at the same time provides a space for the baby’s development, whether the baby is clean and safe, and so on.

  10. Taking care of your own baby is the most challenging task, especially when you feel tired, irritable, frustrated, or frustrated, it is more difficult to meet your baby’s requirements.

Therefore, taking care of yourself is more beneficial to your baby.

  Be a playful dad 1. Share “floor time”: play games with your baby, not yours.

  2. Learn to convert: Especially when your baby is frustrated or makes progress, convert with him.

  3. When playing a competition game with your baby, it is best to let him win at the beginning, and then gradually return to normal. This will help to cultivate the baby’s self-confidence.

  4. When the baby laughs, let him continue to laugh.If possible, he laughed and often made him laugh.

  5, play dress up games, let your baby be the director, let him design your character.

  6. Take a moment to play games in the morning.

Even if it is only 10 minutes, even a game that is very boring to you, it can indeed provide an effective exit for your baby’s productivity, and it can significantly reduce your day’s worries and busyness.