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[How to make a single cake soft?

】 _How to do_Homely

[How to make a single cake soft?
】 _How to do_Homely

In this way, spring cakes are eaten. Spring cakes are also called simple cakes because they look very thin.

There aren’t many people around us who can make a single cake, and few people can make a single cake soft and thin.

Although there are certain shortcomings in making a single cake, in order to satisfy your appetite, it is worthwhile to study carefully.

So, how to make a single cake soft?

Single pasta, traditional pasta, moderate thickness, accumulation, chewy, can be eaten alone, can also be eaten with vegetables and shallots, miso, is the representative food of Shandong people.

When you eat, you must hold it with your hands and put it in your mouth.

It is also the advantages of this pancake, the spicy taste of scallions and the aroma of miso, which have created the righteousness and generosity of Shandong people.

Ingredients Details White noodles, half a catty vegetable oil, a small amount of parsley, an amount of green onions, an amount of eggs, flour, hot water, and the remaining flour with cold water and noodles.

2. Wake up the dough and wake up for 10 minutes.

3. Make the waking dough into small dough of equal size.

4. Roll the small dough into pie.

5. Put some vegetable oil on the rolled cake.

6. Dip the oil evenly on the side of the cake.

7. Cover the other oil-free cake with the oil-filled cake, and use a rolling pin to roll the two cakes to the same size.

8. After the pan is hot, place the rolled cakes in the pan and bake on low heat.

9. After the cake is cooked, separate the cake from the middle. Because oil has been put between the two cakes before, it can be easily separated.

10. Add miso, scrambled eggs, parsley and spring onion to the cake.

11. At the end, roll a cake and make a delicious single cake.