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[Can Yang Meizi eat it?]_ Can I eat it?

[Can Yang Meizi eat it?]_ Can I eat it?

Bayberry can help digestion, appetite, and treat various stomach diseases. Many people think that bayberry seeds can clear the intestines and defeat the fire, but this statement has no scientific basis, so it is not credible, and bayberry seeds can be swallowed directly.It is not good for digestion, especially for young children, if it can not be digested in time, it may cause a series of dangers, so pay attention to eat bayberry to vomit.

First, bayberry will get angry if you eat too much bayberry is rich in vitamin C, glucose, fructose, citric acid, etc., sweet and sour; bayberry is rich in potassium, which can supplement potassium for those who sweat a lot in summer.

In terms of food taste, bayberry is warm, sweet and sour, enters the lungs, and has two meridian classics. It has the effects of refreshing and quenching thirst, digestion with stomach, antiemetic and diarrhea.

But no matter how good you ca n’t eat too much, eating more bayberry is indeed going to get angry.

Because the acid substances contained in bayberry are not easily oxidized and decomposed, once these acid substances enter the body, they will irritate the gastric mucosa with gastric acid, cause gastric ulcers, and cause anger.

Therefore, when eating bayberry, you should eat as little as possible, or eat it several times. If you split it up, the chance of getting angry will be greatly reduced; people with chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers, and excessive gastric acid secretionIt should not be eaten on an empty stomach, so as not to cause excessive gastric acid secretion and cause illness; those with poor basal blood glucose control in diabetic patients are also advised not to eat bayberry.

Symptoms of eating bayberry are mainly caused by soft gums and blistering of the tongue. Especially gluttonous children should pay sufficient attention. When they eat bayberry, even if their teeth have started to weaken, they will not stop eating bayberry.Therefore, when children eat bayberry, adults should take care of them at the scene to prevent them from overeating, causing fire, and even damaging the development of teeth.

Second, can Bayberry seeds be eaten? The doctor said, “The bayberry kernels are hard and not easily digested.

Swallowing it is not good for the body. Myrica rubra will damage the gastric mucosa and cause gastric bleeding.

“After the bayberry nucleus enters the belly, it may continue to stay in the stomach, damage the delicate gastric mucosa, and cause symptoms such as gastric bleeding.

“It is rumored that folks devouring bayberry nuclear energy can defeat the fire and clear their intestines.

Adults occasionally swallow a few nuclear problems, but children and the elderly should never swallow.

The correct way to eat bayberry is to soak the saltwater for a while before eating. As for whether to wash it before eating bayberry, there are different opinions in the folk.

Some people think that there are many small white worms in myrica rubra and you should wash them before eating.

Fruit growers who can grow myrica rubra say that they never wash it when eating bayberry. They are picked from the tree and stuffed into their mouths.

“Myrica rubra itself is resistant to insects, and it is not required to be agricultural when planting. After washing, the flesh will soften and the taste will be bad.

“In fact, bayberry growing on the tree does secrete an insect-repelling odor, and it does not need to be cleaned.

However, bayberry currently on the market will inevitably breed bugs during transportation, so it is better to wash it before eating.

Do not use tap water to wash bayberry, as this will damage the meat structure.

The correct method is to soak bayberry in salt water for 5-10 minutes. This will not only break down the disinfection effect, but also drive out the small bugs hidden in the pulp.

Remind people, please take care to eat bayberry during this time. Be careful not to get angry, stomach bleeding, and good food. Do not hurt your mouth.