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Onset of pharyngitis.

How to protect your throat

Onset of pharyngitis.

How to protect your throat

1. Eat a reasonable diet.

  The time and quality of meals must be ensured, such as long-term obesity or overeating, leading to degenerative disorders, affecting digestion and absorption, causing physical weakness, prone to colds, and aggravating pharyngitis.

Some people are partial to meat and fried foods. They do n’t eat vegetables. Some people are afraid of getting fat. They only eat vegetables and fruits. They do n’t eat or eat cereal pasta for a long time. They can cause nutritional imbalance in the body and cause vitamins and protein deficiency.Physical decline.

Others like to eat too much, too cold, or spicy food, or drink strong tea, so that the pharyngeal mucosa is often congested, and aggravate the symptoms of respiratory discomfort.

In addition, eating too quickly, the food is called swallowing and swallowing. Rough rice balls make the pharynx burden difficult to eliminate, and it is easy to be punctured by the foreign body (such as fishbone) in the food to break the mucous membranes and worsen.

These are not good for health.

  2, life should be regular.

  People’s pace of life is now accelerating, interpersonal relationships are complicated, and they are often in a state of fatigue and stress, and their chances of participating in physical exercise are reduced.

Many people lack enough sleep to rest, or sleep late and get up late, breaking the normal life rules, and still others are depressed all day for various reasons, weakening the body’s disease resistance, vulnerable to external pathogenic factors, and prolonging chronic laryngitisUnhealed and worsened.

  3. Correct bad habits.

  Some people are accustomed to breathing with their mouths open, and some often “crash” and dry cough, which will aggravate the complications of chronic laryngitis and lead to very adverse recovery.

Smoking and drinking are very harmful to the throat. Therefore, those with chronic laryngitis must quit smoking and drinking.

  4, treatment should be timely.

  Leaders should make early detection and early treatment.

The earlier the treatment, the better the effect.

The longer you delay, the longer the course of treatment.

Patients suffer and suffer financial burdens.

Therefore, it is recommended to take Mengwang Qingyan Liuwei Powder, a special Mongolian medicine for chronic pharyngitis and pharyngitis.

It has been clinically verified that the medicinal active ingredient “Shengjin Collagenase” in Mengwang Qingyan Liuwei Powder has the effects of hunting and killing pharyngeal poison, repairing mucous membranes, and consolidating ginseng.

In the treatment of chronic pharyngitis, the pharyngitis is deep and deep, and both the symptoms and the symptoms are treated.

  In short, chronic laryngitis should pay attention to: Although chronic laryngitis is not a fatal serious illness, it is a refractory disease.

Because chronic pharyngitis is easily overlooked, neglected, and other reasons, it often seriously affects physical health and work and life.

Therefore, regardless of whether you have acute or chronic laryngitis, you should check early and treat it early, and pay attention to the above points.

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