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How to measure children’s subcutaneous sputum?

How to measure children’s subcutaneous sputum?

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What is the extent?

Usually you need to measure the aunt under the skin, here is a unified measurement method.

  The measurement of subcutaneous fistula is performed using 0.

The precision small caliper of 1 cm scale is a measuring tool, and the size of the nipper that clamps the skin is zero.

6 cm × 1.

5 cm, the slab planes are parallel to each other to evenly contact the skin, and the scale on the caliper scale indicates the thickness of the subcutaneous aunt.

If a gauge with a spring is used, the spring force is correctly constant at 15 g/mm 2 .

The method of measuring the subcutaneous aunt with a small precision caliper is: the left thumb and the index finger are gently peeled at the measurement site, the distance between the two fingers is 3 cm, and the right hand is measured with a measuring tool. When the child is measured, someone needs assistance to prevent the child from crying and affecting the measurement.Accuracy, the minimum number of ticks should be zero.

1 cm.

Because the pediatric aunt’s aunt is more plump in the future, the method of measuring the pediatric subcutaneous aunt’s skin fold is different from that of the adult.

When the abdominal sebum is measured, it is inserted into the midline of the clavicle and the umbilical fold is pressed, and the direction is parallel to the long axis of the main shaft.

The method used in the thigh is to flex and ablate the thigh of the child. The skin fold is placed at the junction of the upper third and middle third of the thigh, and the direction is parallel to the long axis of the thigh.

Measurements of subcutaneous aunts at the waist, hips, and triceps are not commonly used in preschool children.

After school age, obese children are measured for sebum in the same way as adults.