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[Can the maternal eat spinach]_ postpartum _ practice

[Can the maternal eat spinach]_ postpartum _ practice

Spinach is a vegetable we often eat. Spinach contains more iron elements and has a good effect of iron and calcium supplement. For mothers, it is very beneficial to eat some properly, and it can prevent cheilitis.The role of preventing night blindness, so that the mother can eat some spinach properly, of course, you must pay attention to it when eating, you should boil spinach with boiling water, so that a lot of oxalic acid can be fried.

Can a mother eat spinach? A mother can eat spinach.

Spinach provides rich vitamins and minerals to the mother.

Rich B vitamins content can prevent the occurrence of vitamin deficiency such as angular cheilitis and night blindness.

Spinach contains a large number of antioxidants, such as vitamin E and selenium, which have the effects of anti-aging and promote cell proliferation, which can activate brain function and enhance youth vitality.

At the same time, spinach has saponin and good-quality cellulose, which can stimulate the stomach, starch secretion, not only help digestion, but also moisturize the body, which is conducive to the smooth replacement of stool in vitro.

Maternal consumption can effectively prevent postpartum constipation.

In addition, spinach has a very high iron content, which has the effect of nourishing blood. Maternal blood loss during childbirth, eating spinach is a feasible way to replenish blood.

However, it should be noted that before eating spinach, boil it with boiling water to remove the oxalic acid in it, because oxalic acid will prevent the absorption of calcium.

The practice of maternal eating spinach 1, the practice of spinach meatball soup Ingredients: spinach, pork lean 150 grams each, minced green onion, ginger, soy sauce, water starch, salt, sesame oil, chicken essence each amount.

Method: 1. Spinach roots, yellow leaves, washed, simmered, cut into sections.

Wash the lean pork, chop it into mud, and place in a large bowl.

2. Add an appropriate amount of salt, soy sauce, and stir into the bowl of meat paste, add water starch, shallot, ginger, sesame oil, continue to stir evenly to make small balls.

3, set the pot on the fire, add an appropriate amount of water, boil, add small meatballs, cook on a low fire, add an appropriate amount of salt, season with chicken essence.

4. Finally add the spinach segment and the soup is boiling.

Tip: When stirring the puree, be sure to stir it clockwise.

2, ginger juice spinach materials: 500 grams of tender spinach, 25 grams of ginger, refined salt, soy sauce, vinegar, MSG, sesame oil amount.

Practice: 1. Cut the spinach from it.

2. Stop boiling in boiling water and remove drain.

3. Mix the spinach with sesame oil and place in the dish.

4. Peel the ginger and cut into fine pieces into a bowl.

5, add salt, soy sauce, vinegar, MSG to ginger juice.

6. Serve the spinach and ginger scoring plate at the same time, and dip the spinach and ginger juice when eating.

Tips: The spinach needs to be simmered for a short time, and the boiling water pot will keep the spinach’s nutrition so as not to lose too much.