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New decompression rules for urban high-pressure people

New decompression rules for urban high-pressure people

When the body sounds the alarm of “cycle fatigue” and the physical strength shows the white flag of “excessive overdraft”, what kind of coping strategies will you adopt?

Some people can’t wait to throw themselves in bed immediately in an attempt to fully recover from their sleep.

Others “do the opposite”, choosing appropriate physical and mental exercises to relieve fatigue.

  The new decompression concept of “more fatigue, more exercise” is being respected by more and more urban “high-pressure families”.

At a recent Asia-Pacific expert seminar on brain health and nutrition, Professor Shigeki-Watanuki from the Department of Physiology and Anthropology at the Design Institute of Kyushu University in Japan and Professor Azhar-Mzain from the Department of Psychiatry, Purdue University School of Medicine and Health SciencesA foreign scientist unanimously advocated to the urban mental labor crowd, the more tired the body, the more forced to squeeze out a certain amount of time for proper exercise.

At the same time, it is also necessary to do supplementary homework and timely supplement the nutrition needed by the body and brain.

  Proper exercise is also a kind of rest. Don’t think that only “moving” is called rest.

In fact, for brain workers such as white-collar workers who are overloaded with brain, proper exercise is also a kind of rest.

Sports medical scientists believe that everyone is a natural athlete. Sports help us recognize the world, accumulate wisdom, and taste happiness.

Exercise develops more than just physical energy.

Therefore, moderate exercise is the most effective and a variety of active ways to rest.

  Scientific experiments show that people who exercise daily will have more flexibility in their cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems, and their blood circulation will be smoother. This will provide more adequate oxygen and nutrients to the brain tissue and make the brain move more freely.

In addition, exercise may relax muscles that are usually temporarily active and eliminate local fatigue.

Therefore, choosing the combination of dynamic and static, relaxed physical and mental exercise will help to improve the comprehensive analysis ability of the cerebral cortex.

  Scientists have found that although the weight of the human brain accounts for only about 2% of the body’s weight, the energy consumed by the brain accounts for 20% of the total energy consumed by the body.

The brain reserves very little energy, and the energy required for its normal operation is mainly obtained from daily nutrients.

Therefore, it is particularly important to have adequate nutrition.

For example, by increasing the protein content of food, you can increase the excitement and inhibition of the cerebral cortex.

  In addition, active nutrients are also good “boosters” to promote brain movement.

Recently, leading scientific researchers at Brand’s Health Science Center have discovered a natural active substance, Zhipiji, which is present in nutritional supplements.

Experimental data show that this active substance exists in biologically active molecules such as chicken essence and is one of the main elements to ensure the flexible operation of the brain.

Professor Azhar Mzain, Professor of Psychiatry, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Purdue University, Malaysia, found in clinical experiments that students who took two bottles of chicken essence every day for a 3-minute temporary memory test had scores that were about 12% higher than that.It has also been enhanced.

It can be seen that regular intake of nutritional supplements containing Zhi Peiji and other active ingredients, such as Bran’s, can improve the efficiency of brain activity to a certain extent, improve thinking ability and mental concentration, and improve thinking and memory.

  Rich in vitamin B1, protein, and lecithin can also promote metabolism in the body of the brain exerciser to provide energy for the brain, vitamin B6 and B12 can protect and calm the nerves.

It is recommended that mental workers scientifically arrange three meals a day, and then the nutrients required by the brain.