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Precautions for putting children in interest classes

Precautions for putting children in interest classes

When the child was 5-6 years old, both father and mother hoped that he would participate in an interest class, and learning a specialty has become a social trend.

If you look at your child’s physical and psychological development, this period is indeed a good time for children to cultivate their interests and strengths.

Because the children’s nervous system develops rapidly during this period, they can begin to adapt and receive some skills and skills training. Their personality has also begun to take shape, and their interests are relatively stable.

Learning ability and understanding ability have also been improved, with a certain degree of self-control ability, and ample learning time.

Therefore, to grasp this golden age, it is perfectly possible to learn some specialties.

  But it is important to remind fathers that mothers are aware that overly reluctant children will backfire.

We often see such scenarios. On weekends, expectant parents, with their reluctant children on their backs, run with pictures to various interest classes. Parents are in a hurry to get angry, and their children are also suffering.Speak.

The interest class has been so hard, how come the word “interest”?

Before parents report to their children, they must understand where the children are interested. What children not only love to do, but also to listen to and watch. Otherwise, if the child is interested in erhu, you insist on letting him learn to swim. Of course, he does n’tHappy.

Generally, the personality and interests of children aged 5-6 have a clear trend. Letting children do what they are most interested in is the best way to motivate children to consciously learn internal motivation.

  Please do not impose parental interests on your child. At the same time, please ask parents to point out the following questions.

  It is clear whether the purpose of the child’s interest class is to cultivate temperament or a certain skill. If it is purely for utilitarian purposes, it is appropriate to let the child reach several levels, regardless of the actual situation of the child. According to the characteristics of the childDesign learning methods. Some children are willing to master knowledge in games, while others are willing to learn from others to do things. The best learning method for each child is different and can be treated separately while studying; do not learn multiple skills at the same time.Asking the child to attend several interest classes will distract him, and the result is “one bottle of dissatisfaction, half of the bottle dangles”; don’t demand too much from the child, and look at the child with developmental vision.

If you set too high a goal for your child, your child will lose confidence because it is too difficult, and give up their efforts.

Parents can often set a goal for him that is easy to accomplish in the near future, so that the child will learn with confidence.