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Don’t take care of children’s safety in summer

Don’t take care of children’s safety in summer

A few days ago, the pediatric hospital affiliated to Fudan University released the latest admission data. In 12 days, more than 1,500 children were injured accidentally!

Along with the arrival of summer vacation, the period of high incidence of accidental injuries to children also came.

In addition to paying attention to the safety of children’s ears, should we pay attention to these issues?

  Do not care about the safety of summer children. Parental care is serious. According to the emergency monitoring data of the National Injury Surveillance System, 1 year old?
Children in the 4-year-old age group are most vulnerable to accidental injuries. Drowning, traffic, falls, and burns are among the top four injuries. The summer period from July to August is the peak of safety accidents.

  In addition, according to the “Chinese Youth and Children’s Injury Status Review Report” jointly issued by the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Global Child Safety Organization, homes are the place where child injuries occur most often, and improper parental care is one of the important reasons for accidents.

  Therefore, in terms of child safety, in addition to daily safety education, parents need to increase their awareness of safety precautions and build a safety line of defense for their children.

  Children’s accidental injury focuses on preventing children from high risk of drowning, traffic, falling, burns, etc. Parents should raise awareness of prevention.

  First, to prevent drowning: children are not allowed to enter the water privately and need parental care; floating bodies should be placed; pay attention to warm up before entering the water to avoid cramps and other phenomena.

  Second, prevent traffic injuries: daily strengthen children’s traffic safety and traffic rules education, obey traffic safety; correct and regulate the use of child safety seats; teach children not to step on the “three without vehicles”.

  Third, prevent fall injuries: at home, windows, balcony, cribs and other places where children may fall, take safety measures, outdoors, tell children not to climb freely, climbing places without safety protection measures.

  Fourth, prevent burns: keep hot water and hot soup away from children and take good care; keep ignition appliances out of reach of children; turn off the switch when gas is not in use to prevent children from imitating ignition; when preparing children with bath water,Put cold water first and then hot water. Try to test the water temperature before taking a bath.

  Children’s accident insurance is essential to learn the above protective measures, which can reduce the probability of children’s accidents.

However, emergencies cannot be prevented. A premium of tens of yuan to protect millions of children’s accident insurance can reduce the financial burden on families due to higher medical costs.

Because of this, more and more parents are willing to take out child accident insurance to add protection to their children’s growth.

  When choosing child accident insurance, you should choose the accident injury clinic, the medical liability part, and the inpatient medical part with a wide range of compensation, maximum compensation, and the best products without deductibles. When accidents occur, no matter whether they are large or smallAble to get paid.

  China Life Insurance’s student and child accident insurance is suitable for all children over 18 months to under 18 years of age.

The maximum compensation for emergency outpatient expenses is up to 10,000, and the maximum compensation for hospitalization expenses is up to 80,000. In the case of children’s accident insurance, the compensation amount is higher, and the potential compensation products are potential products.

In addition, there are three different protection schemes for the China Life Insurance Childhood Insurance. The minimum cost is only 30 yuan, the highest is 300 yuan, and less than one yuan a day, parents can give their children a 360-degree comprehensive accident protection.

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